Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps

A lot is happening on the relationship scene, and these days, distance is no more a barrier to a successful relationship. Except, of course, you are still living in the stone age when everybody has moved on. If you are in a long-distance relationship that’s separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles, and still desire to stay connected, then these LDR apps are for you. Times have quickly changed, and today, there is a plethora of interesting apps developed to make long-distance relationships seamless.

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These apps are arguably the best things that have happened to modern-day relationships. If you’ve been head over heels for someone that stays towns away, then you would know how easy it can get sometimes.

Best Apps for Long-Distance Relationship Couples

Thanks to these apps, however, you can stay connected with your most precious ones, irrespective of distance. With 24 hours of chat features, picture sharing, voice notes, and even video calls. You can tell that it will look like they are a few fences away. So let’s dive into the most amazing apps for long-distance relationships.


Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 1
Watch videos and movies together!

Forget what the name makes you think, this app is an amazing app to know if you are in a relationship. If you have a show that always means so much to you and your special one, then this app helps you catch up on it, feeling like your love is right there with you. Sometimes, some shows mean so much that it can seem wrong watching them without your partner. This is where this app stands out. Simply, get yourself in your favorite watching position, open the Rabbit app and you are good to go. You can invite your partner to join you as the app synchs whatever you are watching several miles away.

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Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 2
Your private love place.

There’s probably no better way to describe couplete than “a cute app for long-distance relationships” because that’s what it is after all. The app features a text and picture messaging system to allow couples easily share their thoughts, depending on which they are most comfortable with at a moment. It also has a calendar like most other apps on this review, that’s designed for couples to add and track dates that are special to their relationships. There is a “Loveletter” option that allows you to send virtual love notes to your partner with an included “Mood”. We also found that this app has a ” Wishbox” feature that allows couples to upload links of gifts they’d love to have so that their partners can see and order if possible.

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Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 3
Multiple fun features for couples.

Often referred to as an “App for Two”, Couple stands out among apps that are designed to help enable long-distance relationships. It allows lovers an opportunity to contribute and exchange messages on a private timeline. The app attempts to add some touches of gold to the way long-distance relationships are done, by bringing some cool features to the pack. It comes with a shared calendar that allows both couples to digitally mark dates that are special to them with a splash of heart-eye emojis. The app also allows a couple to be able to practically feel the touch of themselves with Thumbkiss, which is something we consider to be highly innovational. Another interesting feature of the app is how it allows a couple to feel close by letting them sketch together in real-time. This feature lets you connect emotionally when you can’t hold hands physically.

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Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 4
Organize your love life with this cute app.

Just like Couple, this app offers you a lot to keep your relationship lively and good, despite the distance. One special feature of this app is how it allows you to make the count down for when your partner travels to see you in your city official with a celebratory tracking calendar. The calendar actually stores all the important dates to look forward to in your relationship. Of course, Between offers you a lot of features that will practically fill up any space between you. In the app, there is a private channel where couples can store favorite memories, customize chat space with stickers, and share intimate moments.

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Happy Couple

Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 5
Fun Quiz App for Couples

Happy Couple is one of those Apps that any couple would love, irrespective of the distance. The app is a relatively popular one and one of the features that stands it out is the “Thumbkiss” feature; this feature allows lovers to feel themselves by simply tapping the screen. Each tap produces a slight vibration. This may sound quite corny, but it is something very sweet in a long-distance relationship.

It has a video chat feature too, although this feature only works when both partners are using iPhones. The app has a “List” feature where couples can enter important dates to their relationship.

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Truth or Dare

Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 6
Naughty Game for Couples

If you are looking for an app that will serve as the perfect ice-breaker between you and your partner, then this is the real deal for you. The app is full of naughty truth or dares and dirty jokes, so unless you are willing to go completely naughty with your partner, don’t try this.

The app has double dare, triple dares, revenge dares, extreme dares, fantasy dares, and more, so you can tell that the creators of the app didn’t come to play. Irrespective of the distance between you and your partner, this app will definitely turn the heat up.

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Top 7 Long-Distance Relationship Apps 7
Beautiful anniversary counter and reminder.

Lovedays helps to cover the distance between you and your significant other, such that vibing becomes extremely easy. It is a simply designed app that helps to solve the issue of forgotten anniversaries and birthdays, which are the biggest issues tormenting long distant lovers. The app allows you to set and manage reminders with your partner. Keep track of how long you’ve been in your relationship and set the image of your lover on the lock screen.

There you have it, a review of interesting apps that can help eliminate the gap in any long-distance relationship. All the apps are available on both Playstore and Applestore and are free, so it will not be difficult to get them.

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