Couple Challenges

If you haven’t seen my huge collection of the 70 Best Games for Couples, you should definitely do that now! For even more fun date ideas with your loved one, check out the following couple challenges that will make you laugh a lot.

Whisper Challenge

The first partner will put on headphones and listen to music, loud enough that he doesn’t hear the second partners voice. Then the second partner tries to tell him or her a word pr sentence that they have to guess. The results will be funny and often much different than the real words because they can only read lips so make sure you have clear mouth movements.

The Floor Is Lava Challenge

When you are going for a walk and you don’t expect it, one partner shouts “The floor is lava!” and starts counting from 5 to 0. Within 5 seconds you have to find something to stand on like a bench or trash bin. Only if you manage to do it, you get one point. Then the tables are turned and the other partner has to shout it whenever he or she thinks it’s the right moment. However reaches 10 points at first wins and can choose what the looser has to do.

Boyfrind Does My Makeup Challenge

In this couple challenge, the boyfriend has to do his girlfriends makeup. She doesn’t tell him which product is used for which part of the face. He is totally free to decide what to use and how to apply it. The result will for sure be very funny and he will appreciate your effort much more after he understands how difficult and time consuming it is to paint your face.

Blindfold Kissing Challenge

Both partners get blindfolded and turn their back towards each other. The goal is to kiss each other on the lips without using your hands. Try to move slow so you don’t bang your heads together. If your lips meet somethings other than the lips of your partner, you have to start again. This is also great for a double date, the couple that is able to strike on the lips the first wins. Record a video of this challenge, so you can watch yourself afterward and laugh about it.

How Well Do You Know Each Other Challenge

Each partner needs 10-20 questions that you ask your significant other. You can either come up with own questions or you use this list: questions for couples. To make it more fun and challenging, get a paper plate and whipped cream. If one of you doesn’t answer a question correct, he or she gets the plate of whipped cream smashed in their face. This is also a great challenge to videotape.

Conjoined Twin Challenge

This challenge requires a lot of team work. You will need to fit into the same t-shirt and jogger with your partner and do some tasks together. Pick your largest pair and put it on so that each of you gets one side. These are some task you can try to accomplish: Jumping Jacks, Push-ups, juggle some balls or eat something together.

Touch or Lick My Body Challenge

In this game one partner let’s say the boyfriend gets blindfolded and your girlfriend places your finger on some part of her body. Now you have to guess which body part that is. It’s much harder than you think and it’s a great way to learn how to focus your senses. This game will trick your mind a lot of times. It’s up to you if you want to do this challenge with your finger or tonge.

Seven Seconds Challenge

The first partner creates a task like “name 5 things you love about me!” and the other partner has 7 seconds to complete this task. Be creative and find tasks that are doable in that time frame. Every accomplished task gets you one point, the person who reaches 10 points first wins. It’s up to you if you choose to punish the looser or if the winner can make a wish and the loser has to fullfill it.

Not My Arms Challenge

Similar to the Conjoined Twin Challenge, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend put on the same, preferably very large, T-Shirt. Let’s say the girlfriend is in the back and the boyfriend in the front, like in the video below. The challenge is to complete some tasks by using the hands of your partner. The difficulty is that the boyfriend can’t use his hands, while the girlfriend can’t see anything. This mixture will guarantee some really stupid and funny moves. Don’t forget to change sides afterwards.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

You can play this challenge in different ways. If you are alone as a couple, go on Youtube and search for “try not to laugh”. Watch those videos together and everytime one of you laughs, the other partner gets a point. If you have a third person, you can also do the challenge by putting water in your mouth and facing it other. The third person reads funny jokes outloud and if one of you starts laughing, both of you will get wet. The video below starts at 2:20 minutes.

Try Not To Cry Challenge

Basically the same as the “try not to laugh challenge” but this time no water is included except it’s coming from your eyes. You will find many emotional videos if you just search “try not to cry” into the Youtube search. This isn’t about who wins, it’s also not funny but it’s a bonding and emotional challenge.

More Couple Activities

If you liked these couple challenges and you are always looking for new inspirations of activities that you can do with your partner, check out the Best Couple Games collection.

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