Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Keeping a long-distance relationship alive isn’t always easy. However, if you ‘ve found your soulmate, you’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy. When you can’t do it in person, sending cute gifts is the best way to show your partner that you care. The following list contains small gifts to show how much you love and miss them. And more considerable gifts for certain occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s days, or your anniversary. To help you find something special, I have put together a list with the best romantic gifts for couples in a long-distance relationship. Show your darling that you care!

By the way, I intentionally didn’t divide them into “Gifts for Girlfriends” and “Gifts for Boyfriend” because, with a few exceptions, these gifts fit both sexes. I think it makes more sense to divide them into different purposes:

Romantic Gifts that create the Feeling of Closeness
Gifts that make Traveling more pleasant
Cute Gifts as a Long-Distance Surprise
Customized Relationship Gifts for Couples

Gifts that create the Feeling of Closeness

The biggest obstacle of a long-distance relationship is the lack of proximity. However, thanks to modern technology, which has developed very rapidly in recent years, there are now some ways to feel closer. Twenty years ago you would have had to pay a fortune only to hear your partner’s voice if he was in another country. Now it’s possible to have unlimited and free romantic video-chats with your loved ones and feel like you’re in the same room.

Amazon Echo Show

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 2

This device was specially developed for video chats and is superior to laptops or mobile phones for this purpose. Not only the display but especially the camera, the microphone, and the speaker are of the highest quality. Have a crystal clear sound with a razor sharp picture. It’s not required that both partners have the echo because it can also communicate easily with other devices. This personal gift literally improves your connection.

Boyfriend Body Pillows

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 3

In a long-distance relationship, especially women, miss the feeling of having a strong shoulder to lean on. If your girlfriend often mentions how she would like to fall asleep in your arms, then this cute gift is just right for her. The pillow is available in two versions. The first version is a fairly accurate replica of the male upper body. The second version surrounds the whole body and not only gives pregnant women the feeling of being protected. Additionally, spray these pillows with the scent of your perfume. Laying in them and having a video chat with you will provide three of her senses with the impression of falling asleep next to you.

Long-Distance Lamps

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 4

No matter how far apart you are, these two lamps are always connected. Apart from the fact that they look super beautiful and their light creates a charming atmosphere, they also have a special function. When you think of your loved one, just touch the lamp and both will change their color. Often it is nice to have the certainty that the other one is thinking of you without starting a conversation every time. With the help of these long-distance lamps it is now possible to send a sign of affection faster and easier than any text message. A romantic gift that creates a lasting connection between you and looks fantastic on the desk or next to the bed.

Customized Home Decor

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 5

Print anything with a photo of yourself or together as a couple! How about a pillow, cell phone case, mug or even a blanket reflecting your life-size faces? This unique gift will let you feel closer to your partner. If you are artistically gifted, you can also print artwork of yours on it. There are no limits to your creativity.

Long-Distance Pillows

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 6

Two sweet pillows with romantic slogans about long-distance relationships: “You’re worth every mile between us” and “My heart is in ___” where you can add your city. If your girlfriend likes to show others that you’re in a long-distance relationship, she’ll love this cute carry bag.

Homesick Candle

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 7

This candle that smells like home is for partners who, due to their job or other circumstances, are forced to live abroad for a while. The candle is supposed to bring a piece of home into the distance and remind the partner of what is waiting for him.

Countdown Timer

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 8

A practical countdown timer, which like an advent calendar lets the anticipation grow with every passing day. The background is individually adjustable and can be designed by yourself with a romantic couple photo of yours.

Gifts that make Traveling more enjoyable

People in a long-distance relationships have to spend a little more time traveling than others. The many hours spent on airplanes, airports or buses can be a bit exhausting. If you want your partner to be even more excited for the next trip to you, I have put together the best gifts for travelers.

Hodded Neck Pillow

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 9

Most neck pillows are either too soft or too thin. This luxury pillow is made of thick high-quality memory foam which supports the head perfectly. In addition, it has a hood that shields from the outside world and helps your partner to sleep deeply and arrive fit with you.

8-10 Hours of Entertainment

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 10

Watch movies and photos, play games, read ebooks or write notes. You can do all of this with a laptop, but there are some arguments why a tablet is better. The
battery lasts 4-5 times longer, it’s compact, you can even hold it with one hand, it doesn’t get hot and has no annoying cooler. It’s just much more practical when you’re out and about. If an iPad is too expensive for you, the Amazon Fire HD might be the perfect gift for your remote partner. It starts at just $50.

Kindle – The Best Reading Device

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 11

Your partner prefers to read rather than watch movies or play games? Then this gift is the ideal alternative to a tablet to keep your partner happy while travelling. Many say it’s more comfortable than a real book because of its font size adjustment and light weight. Not to mention that real books take up a lot of space in your luggage. In addition, you can take hundreds of books with you and have enough choice. The battery lasts super long and due to the adjusted lighting it is still very pleasant for the eyes even after several hours.

Ultra-Compact Power Bank

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 12

In a hurry, you often forget to recharge all your electronic devices before driving and end up with an empty mobile phone. In order to avoid this misery, this compact charger is able to charge your phone two to three times. After I researched a few hours, the Anker PowerCore seems to be the best powerbank with thausands of five-star reviews.

Convertible Backpack / Shoulder Bag

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 13

I had to share this beautiful bag with you. It does not only look great but it has a lot of room for more than just a protected laptop area. This gift will help your boyfriend to have everything at hand at all times and he can even take it as hand luggage on the plane. It comes in ten different colors and can be used as backpack, shoulder bag and messenger bag.

Cable Organizer Bag

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 14

This little helper is designed to bring order to all the cables. So that you don’t forget anything at home. You can clearly sort your cables, adapters, memory cards and other bits and pieces. Don’t have them flying around in your pocket.

Wash Bag Kit

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 15

Since we are just organizing small stuff, how about this practical gift to bring order to the cosmetic articles? Keeps everything together and clean. Hang it up on the strong metal hanger and instantly see everything with a glance.

Luggage Organizer Set

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 16

Your partner’s suitcase often looks like a battlefield? Then gift him this organizer set with which they have sorted everything nicely in their suitcase. Faster packing and no more hectic searching for misplaced items.

Cute Gifts as a Long-Distance Surprise

It’s not Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday or Christmas but you still want to make your partners day or week? Then these cute gifts are the perfect way to make the waiting time a lot more enjoyable.

Beautiful Bouquets

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 17

Every woman loves flowers. After comparing all common flower delivery services, Floraqueen is on top. First class quality, a large selection and fast shipping to over 100 countries. Choose the exact arrival date and surprise your girlfriend and make her heart jump with this romantic gift.

Bloomsyboy – Monthly Flower Delivery

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 18

Sometimes for men it’s difficult to understand how happy our girlfriend or wife gets about flowers. However, it is still nice to know something simple that makes them happy again and again. That’s why Bloomsybox offers to send fresh premium flowers from the farm to your girlfriend every month.

Personalized 24k Gold Roses

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 19

As a sign of eternal love, this rose never fades. A real rose, wrapped in 24k gold with engraved personal text. Also available in real silver or platinum. Your message of love is imprinted on the rose petal, or on a heart charm. The ideal gift for romantics!

Healthy Snack Box

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 20

Get healthy, all-natural, organic or gluten-free snacks delivered to your partner’s door every month. There are a few other services but lovewithfood seems to have the lowest price and the most value for money. It also sends outside of the US but you have to “buy for myself” instead of “buy as a gift” and enter your partners address. For every boy 1-2 meals are donated to families in need.

Delightful Snacks

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 21

If you just want to send them a snack once, a nut gift basket or this delicious baklava mix are unique ideas. Keep in mind, there is a reason that the quote “love goes through the stomach” became so famous.

Greetabl – Personal Gift Box with cute Surpise

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 22

Cute small gift customized with your personal photos in a lovely designed gift box. Filled with a little surpise that will make your partner happy, at least for a day.

Couple Gifts that are Customized

Photo Books for Couples

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 23

A super easy way to create beautiful photo albums. Upload your couple photos from Social Media, Cloud storage or your PC. Drag them into lovely premade templates and get a high-quality photo book delivered anywhere in the world.

Your Love Story as a Comic Book

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 24

You have probably seen one of these books with all the reasons why you love someone. This creative love-book takes it one step further because you can design your own romantic love story as a comic. First, it helps you design your own and your partners character to look like you. Then you create illustrations for each site with the help of their editor. Have a look, it’s really unique and personal.

Dedicate a Day to your Love

Top 24 Long Distance Relationship Gifts 25

Dedicate one specific day to your love by getting the exclusive ownership rights for it. Every registered day is recorded in the international registry to ensure only one owner per day. You also get a printed certificate on a beautiful piece of high quality parchment paper. It’s personalized in modern calligraphy to celebrate your special occasion with this unique and creative gift.

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