10 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Games for Couples

Sometimes, you can love someone so much even though you’re far away from each other. Long-distance relationships are a huge challenge, so you should do everything to strengthen your bond, which motivates you to keep going. A fantastic way to bring more excitement and fun into your relationship are couple games. I already made a massive list of 70 Couple Games in different categories and even sex games. But this time I will focus on long-distance relationship games, which means you can play them despite the physical distance.

11 Best Games for Couples in a Long-Distance Relationship

Why Games are essential for your Relationship

Right now, you can’t bring your partner closer physically, but you can always bring them closer emotionally. It’s hard if you can’t go out and have a romantic dinner, take a walk in the park or hug your significant other. Just being able to talk with each other can become a little boring after a while. If you’re tired of talking about the same topics, then you should try something different and refreshing like playing games. 

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At first, the idea of playing games might sound childish. But you will soon find out how much fun they make. They will also improve your quality time, and you might see another beautiful side of your partner that you were not aware of yet. For this reason, spicing things up with some engaging and even playful activities can be really beneficial to your long-distance relationship. Here’s a shortlist of 11 of the best games for couples in a long-distance relationship that might as well become your favorite.

Long-Distance Sex Games

Strip Games over Facetime or Skype

Intimacy is one of the main things that’s missing in a long-distance relationship. Even though you can’t physically touch each other directly, there are three ways to overcome this problem. First, you can use long-distance sex toys that rely on haptic feedback technology to record and send simulations to your partner’s toy. Second, you can use remote-controlled sex toys, and third, you can use your hands. Strip games are a perfect foreplay activity to get each other in the mood. It’s really simple: You ask questions about yourself that your significant other has to answer correctly. A wrong answer means that he or she will have to strip off a piece of clothing. Playing games like this may bring the hotness back to your relationship no matter the distance.

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This creative game for long-distance couples requires a lot of imagination. Taking your time to step into the shoes of your favorite movie or game character can spice up your conversations in an unbelievably fun way. What’s more, this might turn into a really addictive game as roleplaying gives each partner a new way to perceive their relationship, even from afar. What’s better than spending all day texting or sexting your beloved one while in your funny, serious, or naughty character?

Creative Long-Distance Relationship Games

10 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Games for Couples 1

Charades over Facetime or Skype

The perfect choice of a classic game suitable for couples who are far away from each other. The goal is simple – explain the word using gestures alone. Thanks to modern technologies, you can easily play Charades on your smartphone, tablet, or pc. Connect with your beloved one over Facetime or Skype and prepare some words to guess. It’s a simple game that lets you always have a dose of healthy smiles and laughs to nurture your long-distance relationship.

10 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Games for Couples 2

The best device for playing these games is the Amazon Echo Show. Not only the display but especially the camera, the microphone, and the speaker are of the highest quality. Enjoy each other’s company even more with a crystal clear sound and a razor-sharp picture. 

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Draw each other

Without trying too hard, this is a simple way to make your beloved one feel special. You can either draw your partner while being on cam or you can use one of your favorite photos of them. The most interesting part is when you do it together, especially when you add a pinch of fun in it. Apps like “Draw me!” and sites like “CoSketch.com” are specifically designed for this purpose. You could easily spend a couple of minutes from your work break to do something bonding with your long-distance partner.

Write a story together

Quite unusual, but this type of game is mind-opening. Storytelling games are an alternative exclusively for creative couples who wish to tell “their side” of the story and to be heard. An excellent example of such a game is Storyteller Pass-Along. You can play it either over Facebook or Skype. The objective is to create a story along with your partner by taking 1-minute or 1-sentence turns. We all remember the fairy tales from our childhood, so why not create our own? This game is bound to strengthen long-distance relationships. Improve your listening and imagination skills, try out this Storyteller Pass-Along game, and see how the story will end.

Freeze Game

The rules of this long-distance game are simple. Whenever one of you sends a text with the word “freeze”, the other one has to stop whatever they’re doing immediately. Then they have to take a photo and share it with the other participant in the game. This is an excellent way to catch your significant other in funny situations and unexpected parts of the day.

Mystery Photo Game

As simple as it sounds, this game can get tough after some time. You can take photos of parts of whatever objects you stumble upon (even of your body parts!) and send them over to your partner to guess. With time, improving your game skills can make playing it very entertaining while the conversation within your long-distance relationship will become more exciting.

Adventure Game

In this game, you choose an adventure for your significant other to go on. Telling your partner what do to or where to go over the Internet might be a little weird at first. However, if you take your time, sending your spouse on an adventure somewhere in their local area might come out to be an inventive and fun activity. First research the area where each other lives and choose an interesting place to send them to explore. The goal of all this couple activity is to engage a conversation different from the trivial topics of day-to-day life. Don’t forget to share your experience

Personality Quizzes

As expected, the most natural way to get to know each other in a long-distance relationship is to have a conversation. However, you shouldn’t be straightforward as too many questions might feel like an interview and get boring at some point. Therefore, taking various personality quizzes and tests can actually make everything more fun and entertaining. One of the best quizzes for couples is the 5 Love Languages Test, which you can do on our site. It will not only tell you how your partner is ticking but also the best ways to make them feel loved. Whether it’s a quiz on which your spirit animal is or which movie character characterizes you best, you can easily compare your answers with your partner. Additionally, you can make your own quizzes to test how much your beloved one knows about you.

Online Games for Long-Distance Couples

Mini Games on Pogo.com

One of the simplest ideas on the list is playing mini-games on sites like pogo.com. The website has tons of games in different categories so you surely won’t get bored trying all of them. Online games are a perfect way to diversify your long-distance relationship and take a break from the daily routine to distract yourselves.

MMO Games like Second Life

If you’re a gaming couple, MMO games will allow you to “live it up” even if you’re unable to be together in real life. A good option here is Second Life where you control your character in a world which mimics reality as much as possible. Since you can’t go on a date or watch a movie with your partner, why not do it over an MMO game? After all, you can even get married in Second Life!

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