Long-Distance & Friendship Touch Lamps

In this review will tell you all about touch lamps, show you the most popular ones and how they compare to each other.

It takes a lot to keep the fire burning and to make a long-distance relationship work (LDR). Understanding, patience, sacrifice, and self-discipline make-up the bridge that connects two people who have decided to commit to each other no matter how far apart they are. Despite all these things being present, though, in many instances the resolve of a couple to stay together is broken down by the very thing it tries to overcome: distance. The struggle to remain connected is an important issue; this is where touch lamps come in.

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What are Touch Lamps?

Originally called touch-sensitive lamps, these lamps work in a similar way like the popular long-distance touch bracelets for couples. They can be turned on and off with human touch, and thus do not usually have the mechanical switch found in regular lamps. This feature takes advantage of the human body’s ability to act as a capacitor – that is, able to store electrical charge. When a touch lamp comes in contact with one part of the body (usually the hand), a reaction from its circuit is triggered, thereby causing it to light up, turn off, or in some models, change in brightness. Touch lamps have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market. Thanks to technology, we now have what are called friendship or long-distance touch lamps. These work like regular touch lamps, but with the added functionality of being able to connect to other lamps through the Internet. When one lamp gets touched (turned on), the others in the same network also light up. These lamps have become popular among friends, family members, and couples who are far from each other like a long-distance relationship. Friendship lamps are a quick and easy way to connect with each other.

Filimin Friendship Touch Lamps

These touch lamps made by Filimin are fun and easy to use, making them perfect for long-distance couples who want to reach out to each other in an instant.

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How They Work

When you touch your Filimin Lamp, it will light up – along with the others connected to it. But before you can take advantage of this feature, you need to do the following: connect the lamp to your WiFi, create an account, and then register and set up the lamp. Let’s go over the steps quickly. You can connect your Filimin lamp to WiFi in two ways: manually using your smartphone, tablet, or computer; or automatically through a Filimin bridge. The latter is a small device you connect to the router which the lamp will link to access your WiFi indirectly. After you register your Filimin Friendship Lamp, it’s time to connect it to your partner’s. You can skip this if you bought the “Set of 2” lamps since these are already paired together. All you have to do is log in to your account so you can change settings such as the name of your lamp, as well as the color and fade time of the light. If you bought your lamps separately, though, you need to connect them. Create a group, join, and send an invite to your partner through their email address. Once they accept it, you can start communicating via your lamps. 

Notable Features

The Filimin Friendship Lamp sets itself apart from other long-distance touch lamps with the Filimin bridge, a small device that allows the lamp to connect automatically to the Internet through WiFi. It makes setting up the lamp faster and easier, so you don’t need the time or patience to do things manually.

There are a few things you can change with the touch lamp’s settings that make it fun and more personal. You can make it light up in the color of your choice by clicking on the color wheel in your Filimin Manager account. You can also change how long the light stays on when activated with the “Fade Time” feature. You can set it to 30 minutes, or choose from 1.5, 4, 8, and 24 hours. There is also a “Sleep Time” setting that allows you to set a time interval in which the lamp, when activated, will only light up dimly and briefly (for a few seconds).

Another noteworthy feature of the lamp is its use of LED lights which, compared to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, are longer-lasting, brighter, cooler, and better for the environment.

Available Lamp Models

The Filimin long distance lamp is currently available in three designs: classicmodern, and mid-century. The first two are made from acrylic and have the same rectangular shape. 

The only difference is the modern design which does not have a pattern on the shade, making it sleeker and more neutral-looking; this also makes it versatile in that you can place it in virtually any room without messing up the aesthetic of the place. 

The classic design, however, is more fun and adds – rather than blends in – to a room’s look.

The third design, Mid-Century, is a step above the previous two. Made from wood and aluminum, it is chic and tasteful, and can definitely add a touch of class to any room it is placed. It also creates a unique pattern when lit.

Friend Lamps – Long Distance Touch Lamps

Long-Distance & Friendship Touch Lamps 1

The friendship or long-distance lamps from Friend Lamps are made with the customer in mind. Simple and easy to use, these are for couples who want a no-frills device that does the job of bridging the distance between them.

How They Work

All you need to do to let your significant other know that you are thinking of them is touch the top of the lamp where the sensor plate is with your hand. Yours will light up, along with your partner’s. The light will continue to pulse for several minutes; then, it will slowly dim until it turns off after 30 minutes. However, like other long-distance touch lamps, you need to set up your unit first before you can do this.

Setting up your lamp from Friend Lamps is easy. First, turn on the lamp by connecting it to a USB charger or your computer with a USB cable. Connect to its WiFi network. Then touch the top of the lamp, when it glows green, it’s good to go. Have your partner do the same steps. Once that’s finished, you can start lighting up each other’s lamps no matter where you are in the world.

Notable Features

Friend Lamp’s long-distance touch lamps do not have a lot of extra features, but they are very user-friendly. The most noticeable aspect of the lamp is its design. Simple yet stylish with its plain acrylic shade and wooden base, it can easily blend in wherever you wish to place it.

Setting up your touch lamp is also easy, as seen in the steps mentioned above. And it remembers your settings, so even if you move it to another part of the house, it will reconnect to the same WiFi provided the connection is available. There is no need to move your unit around, though, as you can add an unlimited number of lamps in your group. You and your significant other can purchase touch lamps to be placed around the house or even in the office so that you can send your love easily and in an instant.

As for customization, you can choose which color you’d like your lamp – and the others in the same group – to light up in when you touch it. To do this, tap and hold the sensor plate so that the lamp cycles through the colors available, and then let go once it displays the color you prefer.

You cannot control how long your lamp stays on when activated, but you can turn it off by holding down the power button at the base of the lamp for 2 seconds. This is a nifty feature not found in many other long-distance touch lamps.

Tactus Long Distance Touch Lamps 

Long-Distance & Friendship Touch Lamps 2

Tactus has taken customizability to another level when it comes to its lamps. Whereas with other makers you can only choose from a few models, with Tactus you can have your own design brought to life. Their long-distance touch lamps are the perfect gift for the love of your life who is miles away. Not only can you express your love through a well-thought-out design. You can also do so by touching your unit, to signal that you think about them.

How They Work

Touching your unit will cause it to turn on, and trigger the lamp connected to it to light up correspondingly. With Tactus lamps, you can assign a color, or it will cycle through various hues every time it is activated. Either way, whatever color your lamp lights up in will also be the color displayed by the other lamps in the same group. If your partner responds similarly, the light will change to reflect their touch in all connected units. Inactivity will cause the lamps to turn off automatically after a few hours.

As with other long-distance touch lamps, you need to connect your Tactus lamp to your WiFi for it to work as intended. Once paired units find each other, they can start communicating.

Notable Features 

As mentioned, one thing that sets Tactus apart from its competitors is it gives customers the option to customize their lamp’s housing. They have a standard design of heart patterns, but you can also send them your preferred design and they will laser-cut it onto the plywood casing.

Another noteworthy feature is they use sustainable plywood and LED lights in making their lamps, making the products environmentally-friendly.

More Long-Distance Products

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