Long-Distance Sex Toys

Sex is a vital part of any romantic relationship. It helps couples to bond and increases the feeling of intimacy. However, for couples in a long-distance relationship, the very intimate act of lovemaking becomes a challenge. This can be problematic, especially for persons with the love language physical touch, who feel loved by physical actions. However, there’s great news for couples who are miles apart from each other. Now, you can have as much sex as you can handle. How? Sex toys! Not just any sex toys, long-distance sex toys. What’s so phenomenal about distance sex toys? One, it helps you say goodbye to the numbness that comes along with the solo form of intimacy. Two, it’s just as real and intense as real sex. Thanks to technology, the apex of distance sex toys are built on a wireless connection! Now you don’t have to let distance suppress your feelings and bodily needs.

But which long-distance sex toys are the best for you and your lover? Let’s take a quick look at the most sophisticated brands.

Interactive VS Remote Control Sex Toys

Most sex toys that are recommended to long-distance couples are remote control vibrators, which are awesome, but there is a big difference.

How Remote Control Sex Toys Work

These sex toys are working in one direction, which means he can control her vibrator over a wireless Bluetooth connection. There are some very cheap toys like the popular egg vibrator which has a remote control that works up to 10 meters. Specially developed for long-distance couples you can also get various vibrators that are remotely controlled by your mobile phone. With the help of an app, you can control your partner’s vibrator over the internet, even if they live in another country.

How Interactive Sex Toys Work

Interactive sex toys are the next level. They work both ways and each partner can control the sensation of the other. It goes even further, besides controlling their speed and intensity with your app or by pressing some buttons, your toy is the remote control. The speed of her movements dictates the level of contractions and vibrations he feels. The faster he moves the toy up and down, the faster her vibrator moves! When she moves her vibrator, the air pump in his sex toy will start pumping air, which mimics vaginal contractions. Interactive sex toys allow mutual masturbation over the Internet.

Interactive Sex Toys

Worldwide only two brands offer interactive synchronized sex toys, to feel the same sensations simultaneously!

Lovenese – Max and Nora

Long-Distance Sex Toys 1

MAX for him and NORA for her are most likely the sweetest haven of pleasure for distant lovers. Both toys can remotely be controlled from the lovense app which can be installed on your smartphone. Both lovers smartphones are connected over the internet while the sex toys are connected via Bluetooth to their devices. The real fun lies within the fact that both toys can be remotely controlled only by the two parties involved. So he can make his Max go faster, and her Nora responds likewise over there! Now that’s indisputably amazing. The whole process goes on smoothly in real-time!

Another fantastic feature is that both lovers can listen, watch, and keep a record of each others response to stimulation at the same time. Long-distance relationships just found the next best thing!


Long-Distance Sex Toys 2

Kiiroo company is super committed to closing the gap between distance couples with their interactive distance sex toys. They offer 11 different couple sets of interactive long-distance sex toys. One of their most intricate designs are Titan and Cliona. Titan, a flawless stroker for the men and Cliona, a strong vibrator for the women. When a connection is established, couples can control one another’s sex toys. How? Cliona has a control pad for Titan and vice versa. Each partner gets to control the functions of the other partner’s toy during intimate sessions. Every interaction between Titan and Cliona are connected via the Feelconnect app, which also gives room for partners to interact in real-time during intimate moments.

Remote Control Sex Toys


Long-Distance Sex Toys 3

You might want to call them the grand makers of distance sex toys. WE-VIBE has an outstanding collection of vibrators with incredible levels of intensity. Their vibrators are shaped to touch the G-spot and clitoris guaranteeing proper and intense stimulation. WE-VIBE vibrators for distance couples are rechargeable, waterproofed, and wearable. You can set the vibrator to work with the rhythm and pattern of your favorite music or a custom made pattern. It can be controlled remotely via a wireless connection.

The most sophisticated feature of the WE-VIBE vibrator is its ability to respond to the touch of a mobile device screen. With the WE CONNECT app, the partner on the giving end can control the intensity, modes, and rhythm at which the vibrator operates. Impressive, isn’t it? The WE CONNECT channel also gives couples the chance to have a smooth face time interaction while the fun is on!


Long-Distance Sex Toys 4

Vibease is a smooth little vibrator that can be operated remotely. It is shaped to fit perfectly around a woman’s genitals, ensuring perfect contact with the clitoris. It’s endowed with enough strength to send orgasmic waves of pleasure to its host.
The Vibease vibrator can be worn anytime without causing any kind of discomfort. Mostly considered as a very naughty sex toy since a distant partner could literally turn it on even at very odd times. Vibease vibrator can be remotely controlled via the Vibease intimacy app. The good thing is the wearer gets to acknowledge a connection request before a partner could get to control it. But once the connection is set, the fun could go on for as long as the vibrator is on.

Distant couples can also stay in touch with the Vibease intimacy app. Video calls, voice calls can be made via the app without interrupting the sweetness going on down there, the vibrator stays active even while a call is on. The vibrator is waterproof, made with silicone, and easily cleanable. It’s also really quiet, so it can be used even in the office or shopping mall! The best part, it is rechargeable and its intensity can also be controlled remotely, so the one in charge can decisively work the wearer to the peak of all sexual pleasure.

And that’s not all, the vibrator can as well be set to work with the rhythm of any chosen song. A custom setting is also available. Vibease is the needed amen to distant couples prayers.

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Clone Your Genitals

For couples in a long-distance relationship, this sexy gift for lonesome pleasure sessions will keep you in your lover’s mind. The molding kits transform your lover’s bits into realistic looking vibrating sex toys. Recreate your partners best feature! With this popular kit you can create a silicone replica of your penis or vagina.

=> Clone your Willy or Pussy

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