Sex Games for Couples – Get Naughty!

Spice up your love life and reignite the passion you felt at the beginning of your relationship by playing these sex games for couples. Try new things together, rekindle the spark and experience hours of erotic play and pleasure.

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5 Benefits of Playing Sex Games

1. Kill the routine! Especially married couples or couples who are together for a few years it’s important to reconnect on an emotional and intimate level. Fall in love again like you are on honeymoon and bring good sex back into your relationship.

2. Spend interactive time together! Watching your favorite tv-shows is great but you’re focused on the screen instead of each other. Similar to the relationship games, most of these sex games also require you to get to know each other better with intimate questions that increase your bonding.

3. Step out of your comfort zone! The fear of appearing too depraved or feeling embarrassed because of complexes prevent many couples from doing certain things. Not anymore, give up the responsibility to the game because you have to do it to follow the rules. It will help a lot in letting loose and finally enjoying the sex life you deserve.

4. Reveal your sexual fantasies! There is no reason to be ashamed of your desires, but still, a lot of people can’t open up to their partner because they don’t find the right way. These games will help you to share your what really turns you on and find out new preferences from your partner.

5. Reach new edges of emotions! Most of these sex games are constructed to create anticipation by starting with soft foreplay and slowly getting naughtier. This builds a lot of sexual tension and you will be teasing each other until you hardly can’t hold back.

Sex Dice Games for Couples

Sex Dice

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 1

This high-quality sex dice is the number 1 best seller for a reason. There are four dice included, by rolling the 6- and 10-sided dice together you can generate up to 60 different naughty foreplay actions. After your foreplay, you throw the other two 12-sided dice to generate 24 + 10 bonus sex positions. The 36-page explanatory booklet explains
each position with images, detailed notes and additional tips for getting more pleasure and fun out of each!

Glowing Sex Dice

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 2

Unlike the first sex dice, this one does not have the foreplay options. It has only two dice for 24 different sex positions and one dice for how long you are supposed to indulge in that position. I still included it into this list because it glows in the dark, so for couples who don’t want any light in their bedroom, this might be the one.

Online Sex Dice Generator

It may take some days to deliver the “real” sex games so in the meantime you can play our online sexy dice! Start rolling the dice right after reading this article by clicking on the link above.

Sex Board Games for Couples


Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 3

The most popular sex board game for couples with over 1 million copies sold. I immediately had to buy it myself. Monogamy is built in a way that teases you and your partner so that it creates a lot of sexual tension. You have to play through different levels, the first is called “intimate level” with interesting questions and soft tasks like kissing or cuddling to reconnect. Next is the “passionate level” that gets you more involved with naughtier tasks to build up anticipation as foreplay. Finally, the “steamy level” which gets more explicit but each task has time limits which force you to stop which gets you even more excited to pick one of the erotic fantasy cards that let you have an unforgettable night. There are also cards called “treats” which can be carried out a few days after you’ve played the game, to keep the fun going a little longer. It has 400 different cards so you can play this game over and over again.

Sex Stack

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 4

Jenga is fun already but this sex version brings additional excitement for couples. Each brick that you pull out of the tower has a number which indicates one of 160 foreplay activities. You can choose between romantic or hardcore tasks. Each task is limited to a few seconds or minutes to keep it thrilling.


Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 5

This game is designed for groups but can also be played by one couple. It’s up to you if you play it to explore sex with new partners, to remove any awkwardness of getting together with another couple or just to have fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend alone. Over 200 cards that lead to a variety of erotic experiences that can be mild or wild.


Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 6

The concept of Kamasutra is about two thousand years old and serves as a guide on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment in life. Explore the sensual and sexual aspects of your partner’s body, mind, and spirit in this interactive sex game. It’s perfect for couples who like to increase their emotional and physical intimacy in a romantic but sexual way.


Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 7

Awaken all five senses and spice up your relationship with this naughty sex game. Included is a game board with an arrow, 200 cards, rules, and a luxury silk strip to get blindfolded and focus your senses. You can also tie your partner’s hands to have control over him or her. The appropriate level lets you decide how far you are willing to go. There are 200 playing cards with four types of erotic tasks: intimate talks, naughty foreplay and sexy fondle. On top of that is the special hot deck with different positions and sexual fantasies.


Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 8

You like to make love on solid ground, but the floor is too hard? This game board is made of soft foam and big enough for a couple to have comfortable sex on the floor. It has 24 interchangeable foreplay activities with four different games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Quick and easy to assemble and clean. Maybe it will soon become your new favorite place to get intimate.


Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 9

This sex game is a mix between teasing foreplay, kinky games, and sexual tasks. It’s often tempting to just have sex but learning to prolong the pleasure makes the experience playing this much more exciting.

Sex Card Games

Talk, Flirt or Dare

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 10

This card set has three types of tasks that can be played as separate games or together as one. The cards are divided into the categories of Flirt “How you would you like your partner to seduce you one day?”, Dare: Do a striptease slowly removing two items of your clothing!”, and Talk “Name one thing your partner can never forgive you for?”.

Luck & Love

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 11

It’s a mix between a sex dice and card game. You and your lover roll dice to score different dice combinations which are listed on the score pads. After the first round, the winning player picks a strip card and can choose their favorite challenge as a reward. In the next round the tasks get even hotter, and you can win special sex cards with near climax experiences. The winning player of the second round picks a climax card so you can finally make love.

Fifty Days of Play

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 12

Inspired by the bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, players have to roll a colored dice. After that, they have to pick a card from one of five categories: white, beige, light grey, dark grey, and black. The white ones are romantic and the darker it gets, the naughtier the tasks. The game is perfect for couples who are a little into BDSM. It will decide on each task who is the dominant player and who has the submissive role. Be prepared for exciting and pleasurable adventures.

A Year of Sex

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 13

This sex card game offers you over 50 different Kamasutra positions. Each card provides an illustration, simple instructions and a rating on how challenging each technique is. If foreplay is essential, you should combine this with another game because each card requires you to get right into it. It’s also great for couples who like to try out new sex positions so make sure you have it near the bedroom.

Sexy Truth or Dare

Sex Games for Couples - Get Naughty! 14

This round box contains 50 sticks, and each player has to pull one at a time. One one side there is a sexy truth and on the other is a dirty dare. Not a complex game but you can pull sticks whenever you feel like it. It’s also a great little gift as a romantic surprise for the next Anniversary or Valentines Day.

I will add more games to this list as soon as I find ones that can keep up with these. I spend days to make sure to present you only the best sex games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Needless to say that they are also great for married couples. Enhance your foreplay get romantic and have more fun in the bedroom!

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