70 Games for Couples

Your partner will be glad that you found this article! Netflix and Chill is great but to remain a healthy and strong relationship, it’s important to do something where you actually interact with each other. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something quick and fun, challenging mysteries, games that help you reconnect with your partner or party games that you can play on a date night with other couples or friends. I collected them all so you can use this article as a resource to come back whenever you need more excitement.

The card and board games obviously need to be bought but the other couple games are free and you can play them right away.

Question Games for Couples

Use the following question games to spice up your conversations. I will also add links to example questions so you can pick your favorite ones. If you are too lazy to collect the questions and you want to have something in your hands, I also added links to the best card game version so you can buy them on Amazon.

Truth or Dare

If you don’t have the official card game or the couple version, you need to create two lists yourself. One with interesting questions the person has to answer when they choose “Truth” and another one for things they have to do when they choose “Dare”. You start by spinning the bottle, let’s say it points to the boyfriend. Now he has to choose between Truth or Dare. If he chooses dare, he has to do the first command on the list like “Sing everything you say for the next 10 minutes”. If he chooses truth, he has to answer the first question truthfully like “Have you ever peed in a pool?”. Keep the next truth or dare secret until they made their decision otherwise, it will influence which one they pick.

Never Have I Ever

This game makes even more fun with multiple players like on a double date or if you invite some friends but it’s also great to play it with two persons. Let’s say the girlfriend begins, she has to make an honest statement about something she never did. For example: “Never have I ever peed in a pool”. Now the boyfriend or any other players have to confess if they have ever done this action by taking a shot of alcohol, eating something or telling the story about when and how they did it. If you are doing dirty questions, be careful with statements that involve your ex-partner to avoid jealousy and drama. Some more examples are “Never have I ever done drugs”, “Never have I ever broken the law”, “Never have I ever driven drunk”, “Never have I ever had a fist fight”. Get the card game on Amazon.

Would You Rather

In this game, one partner has to ask the other partner a question that has two options and they have to choose one of them. Try to make those options either equally great or bad so it’s hard to make a decision. The questions always start with “Would you rather…” here are some examples of how to continue: “… eat ice cream every day or never again?”, “be able to fly or to be invisible?”, “be super smart or super attractive?”, “be rich or famous?”, “be constantly tired or constantly hungry?”, “Never be stuck in traffic again or never sick again”, “Be thrown into a snake pit or spider pit”, “Jump forward 10 years or go back 10 years “. Get it on Amazon: Normal Card Game | Adult NSFW Version.

Twenty Questions Game

The first player (the thinker) has to think about an object and the other player (the guesser) can ask up to 20 questions to find out which object it is. The thinker can only answer with Yes or No. If the guesser did not find out the object before 20 questions are asked, he loses. You can also use each question as a point, for example, if the guess finds out the object with only 8 questions, he gets (20 – 8) 12 points. This game is also available as board game on Amazon.

Two Truths and a Lie

The person who starts has to make three statements about himself, two are true and one is a lie. After that the other player has to guess which one was the lie. If he guesses correctly, he get’s a point and now it’s his turn to make three statements.

Who Do You Choose?

The boyfriend creates a scenario like “You are alone on an island”, “You are going to a party”, “You have to face your biggest enemie“, “You are going to your favorite cafe”, “You are going to a shopping trip” the list is endless, just be creative. The question is always “Who would you take with you?”. Now his girlfriend has to choose one person, besides her boyfriend that she would like to have by her side in this scenario. It can be one of her friends, someone famous or even a historical person.

Memories from the Past

This question game will spark a lot of interesting conversation topics. One partner begins and chooses a situation from the past like “Your first day in school”, “When you got your favorite birthday gift”, “The first time you left the country”, “Your best friend from high school”, “When you graduated”. The other partner then has to share his or her memories from this moment, what they felt like, if anything funny happened, all the interesting details about that situation. This is not a question game where someone wins or loses, it’s about getting to know each other even more and you’ll be surprised that you still don’t know everything about your loved one. It also triggers a lot of beautiful emotions. Very similar to this is the card game Our Moments for Couples.

Card and Board Games for Couples

There are so many great card and board games for couples, so I divided this chapter into 3 sections, to make it easier to find what’s best for you, click on the links below to jump there:

1. Relationship Games – Improve your relationship in a playful way.
2. Cooperative Games – Work together to solve exiting challenges.
3. Competitive Games – For partners who like to compete.

70 Games for Couples

If you are looking for adult erotic games to play in your bedroom, I made an own article about sex games for couples. However, this section could also be called “question games” but unlike the previous chapter where questions where mostly used for entertainment purposes, the following games use personal questions to connect with each other. These games are great romantic gifts for your girlfriend, boyfriend or as gifts for couples that you are friends with, so keep that in mind for next Valentines Day or Christmas.

Discovery for Married Couples

70 Games for Couples

This board game improves your relationship but is fun to play at the same time. You can either increase your emotional or your physical intimacy while you master the tasks. It’s a great way to spend a date night at home when it’s raining outside. It also includes a booklet on how to developing a strong, vibrant and lasting marriage plus an interactive digital version of that booklet.

Better Me

70 Games for Couples

Also called “The Game of Growth” is a playful way to improve yourself as an individual and your relationship as a couple. It triggers meaningful conversations about interesting topics. It challenges players to strengthen their relationship using the power of positive psychology. The board game prompt players to reflect within themselves with thought-provoking questions. It covers the areas of people, heart, mind, and body and teaches valuable lessons.

Then We Held Hands

70 Games for Couples

This lovely cooperative board game is perfect for couples who want to increase the empathy in their relationship. The challenge is to see things from your partners perspective and find an emotional balance without verbal communication. The game is very beautiful designed by a famous French illustrator.

Lolly Vibes

70 Games for Couples

Your mission card indicates which symbols you need to collect in order to complete the mission. The symbols are collected by correctly answering questions or accomplishing tasks that are written on the playing cards. There are four categories: Relationships, Sensations, Reflections and Competitions. This board game is fun and romantic at the same time.

Loaded Questions

70 Games for Couples

This one is really fun especially for a game night with another couple or friends. Unlike the other card games, you need at least four players. The game is simple, you read aloud the question and the other players write their personal answer on their answer sheet. The player to your right then reads aloud the answers and you have to guess which player wrote which answer. Each correct match gets you one field closer to the goal.


70 Games for Couples

This non-competitive card game is made for couples to improve their relationship. It helps partners to reconnect, express their feelings and learn new things about each other. You answer easy and difficult questions and topics that often trigger great and deep conversations.

Couple’s Kindle Cards

70 Games for Couples

This romantic card set is different than the other games because each partner takes only one card every week. On the cards are exercises to shift couples away from old, stale patterns and into productive, thoughtful behaviors. The perfect gift for valentines day or any other day to show your special someone your appreciation.

cooperative card and board games

Forbidden Desert

70 Games for Couples

Stranded in the desert, you and your partner find a lost city with strange technology. Now you have to find different parts and build a flying machine to escape the city before a sand storm comes and buries everything. In this cooperative board game, you have to play as a team and find the best strategy to win it together.


70 Games for Couples

You and your partner are members of an elite disease control team. Together you fight deadly diseases that threaten the world and find the cures in time. With your playing cards, you travel around the world to different research stations and face the upcoming challenges. This outstanding board game will build lots of memories, that’s why it’s so popular and has many extension.

Spirit Island

70 Games for Couples

In this cooperative board game you are playing different spirits, each with its own unique elemental powers. Your mission is to defend your island from colonizing Invaders who are destroying the nature. By using a combinations of power cards, you are fighting back to stop them from spreading and ravaging you land.

Time Stories

70 Games for Couples

If you like mystery and horror movies, this board game should be your choice. The story sucks you in for hours and lets you feel an immersive experience. You and your partner work together cooperatively in this interactive adventure to solve a mystery taking place in a different era. Travel through time and fulfill missions in different worlds.


70 Games for Couples

One partner plays the role of a ghost who was murdered in a horrible crime. The other partner plays an investigator who tries to reconstruct the event. The ghost is not able to speak and can only communicate by sending visions, which are not easy to interpret. Determine the weapon, location, and identity of the murderer before the time runs out so his spirit can rest in peace.

Sherlock Holmes

70 Games for Couples

Another cooperate board game for couples that are into mystery and compelling stories. Feel like a true detective and solve challenging crimes in teamwork by searching for clues and little details. It’s difficult, you need patience and a few hours of time to play it.

Escape – The Curse of the Temple

70 Games for Couples

In this adrenaline pumping board game, you have to work together as a couple to escape the temple. If you are not able to do that before the time is over, the temple collapses and you will be sealed inside of it forever, which means both of you have lost the game. One playing session takes only 10 minutes but you can extend it to up to four sessions and build a bigger map.

Rick and Morty Total Rickall

70 Games for Couples

If you are a fan of the show, you will love this game. But even for couples who didn’t watch Rick and Morty, this cooperative card game is a lot of fun to play. Parasites masquerading as family and close friends have inserted pleasant memories into everyone’s minds to make them think they’re real. Now you have to figure out which characters are real and which ones are parasites that need to be exterminated.


70 Games for Couples

You need at least 3 players for this one, but I had to include it because it’s such a nice cooperative board game to play with friends or another couple. Your plane crashed, you and your fellow survivors are stranded on an island. Players risk their lives to find food and supplies, which you share and use to build weapons and shelter to survive the night.

competitive card and board games for couples

7 Wonders: Duel

70 Games for Couples

Each player builds a civilization and leads it over the course of 3 Ages. You construct buildings and wonders, create an army, make scientific discoveries, and develop a city until you are ready to crush your competition. It has some similarities to the online game Age of Empires.

Classic Chess

70 Games for Couples

The most ancient and popular board game of all times. It’s a very strategic and slow game so not the right choice if you are looking for fun and entertainment. Chess is great if you want to chill with your partner and train your mind. Winning this game has nothing to do with luck, you need to be clever and think a few steps ahead.


70 Games for Couples

If chess might go into the right direction but you are looking for something that’s easier to learn and has less rules, try out checkers. It has a few similarities and is also a great strategy game to train your brain cells.


70 Games for Couples

Very similar to the famous game Scrabble, but a lot faster and easier to play. Each partner get’s lettered tiles which get place on the ground so that they form a word. Players race against each other to use all their letter tiles first. When any player uses all of their letters he wins. It’s a challenging game that also trains your language skills and creativity.

Connect 4

70 Games for Couples

You may know this game from your childhood but adults can play it as well and it still makes a lot of fun. It’s a quick and easy game, each player has disks in one color and has to drop them into the grid. The goal is to get 4 disks of your color in a row, not matter if you stack them vertically, line them up side to side, or diagonal. At the same time you have to avoid that your partner reaches that goal before you, by blocking their attempts.


70 Games for Couples

This game is not purely strategic, luck plays also an important role. Before you start, each partner has to secretly place their battleships on the ocean grid. When the game begins, you take turns in announcing the coordinates of your next strike. If you hit something, you place a red peg on your second grid, which makes it easier to assume where the rest of the ship is placed. The game ends when the entire fleet of one partner is sunk.


70 Games for Couples

This classic game exists since the 1960’s and is really interactive, because you are using your full body to play it. A large plastic mat, the game board, is laid on the ground, which has rows of circles in different colors on it. Then you turn the spinner which determines on which circle you have to place your feets or hands. If a knee or an elbow lands on the mat, you lost. It will for sure make you laugh a lot.

Online Games for Couples

70 Games for Couples

There are many free flash games that you can play with your partner sitting next to you. You don’t need any game controller a simple keyboard is enough. The games can be played in your browser so you also don’t need to install anything on your PC.

The website Miniclip is the most popular browser game site and has a huge selection of different two-player games, just try a few out and find your favorites.

I can recommend ArrowSpam, Donut Vs Donut, Alien Transporter, and Soccer Snakes. Most of the time you play against each other but there are also cooperative games like the Fire and Water series which has 8 parts.

Game Apps for Couples

70 Games for Couples

All of the following apps are available for free on Android and iOS. They are either in Split-Screen-Mode so you play an app on the same phone or each one plays on their own phone and you are connected over the internet, which is also great for long distance relationships.

Slit-Screen Game Apps

Challenge your Friends – Collection of over 10 funny games in one app.
Action for Two – 3 really cool games: Tank Fight, Car Race, Tablet Soccer
Math Duel – Solve math problems quicker than your opponent.
Fruit Ninja – You have to cut as many fruits as you can before the time runs out.
Drive Ahead – Gladiator car fight, this app is made by Hot Wheels.
UFB 3 – A fun game app inspired by Mixed Martial Arts.
Glow Hockey 2 – Like air hockey with glowing colors.
Micro Battles 3 – 70s and 80s Games like Snakes, Samurais, Cars.

Two Phones Game Apps

Virtual Table Tennis – Play against your partner via Internet or Bluetooth.
Spaceteam – Funny game app especially if you are a team of two couples.
Scrabble – Get creative and make words out of random letters.
Dual! – Action flying game, play together or against each other.
8 Ball Pool – Challenge your partner in this 1-on-1 pool game app.
Worms 1-4 – This app is perfect for couples who like strategy and fun.
Battleship – Sink your opponent’s ships in an epic sea war game.
UNO & Friends – Challenge other couples in a 2-vs-2 match.

Drinking Games for Couples

Drinking, gaming, and dating are already fun and exciting on their own, let’s see what happens if you do all three at the same time! I came up with the best drinking games for couples that will surely bring amusement and lots of Instagram-worthy photos – no filter needed! You’ll end up drunk anyway, why not make it crazier? Check out this list and enjoy.

Board Games | Card Games | Free Games

70 Games for Couples


70 Games for Couples

A combination of different classic drinking games mixed into one game. It contains parts of Beer Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Quarters and more. This game is the most popular drinking board game available and has houndrets of 5-star reviews on Amazon so you can’t go wrong with it.

Mini Pong

70 Games for Couples

The mini version of beer pong, with cups in the size of shot glasses. Another difference is that instead of throwing the ball, you have catapults. The ball is attached to a string so it doesn’t get dirty falling on the ground, you don’t have to chase it and it’s much easier to get it out of a cup. The premium wood board is compact and portable so you don’t need a big table for this drinking game.


70 Games for Couples

It might look and sound like Monopoly but it’s completely different. There are 44 fields on this beautifully designed board with various drinking tasks. Additionally, it has 50 special cards that you have to draw if you’re on one of the card fields. These require you to perform really funny or sexy tasks which are guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun and laughter.

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

70 Games for Couples

You probably know the classic block-stacking game called Jenga. This is the alcoholic version of it. Each wooden block has 1 of 36 different drinking rules printed on them. Every player has to pull a block from the tower and follow the rule described on the bottom of the block. Be careful that it doesn’t collapse or the game is over. There is also a giant version in light wood.

Shot Glass Roulette

70 Games for Couples

It looks like a cute version of roulette but it’s played a little different. The first player spins the wheel and drops a ball which it will eventually fall into one of the numbered spaces. Now he has to check which of the 16 shot glasses has the same number and drink what’s inside. If it’s empty he’s lucky, fill different beverages in each glass to make it even more fun.

70 Games for Couples


70 Games for Couples

This drinking game kit is a set with 20 items which include spin the shot, waterproof playing cards, ping pong balls, shot glasses, loaded dice, drinking dices, normal dices. As you can imagine there are lots of different games you can play with this set, that’s why they also include a booklet which explains them all. It’s great for couples but also a perfect gift for your next party.


70 Games for Couples

54 wonderful playing cards in premium quality with a metal case. This is what I call drink in style because every card is an individual artwork with a wonderful old-fashioned look. The retro typographie describes which task you have to do which makes it very easy to play this game even if your vision is a little blurred.

Drinking Games for People Who Never Drink

70 Games for Couples

Not really a game it’s a collection of 50 drinking games and on the back of each card are the instructions for one game. The cards are high-quality, water-resistant and have different colors which illustrate their category. The categories are: active, drinking, improv, team, word and stupid.

Kings Cup

70 Games for Couples

Easy to play card set, each player draws a card which has a rule on the backside, read it and act. There are also “House Cards” included which can be used with some creativity to add your own house rule’s into the mix. And of course, the cards are alcohol proof.

Quick And Dirty

70 Games for Couples

You get two kinds of cards, black and white ones. First, you flip a black card which describes an object, place or activity like “something you lick” or “something you do in Vegas” or “weird place to be nude”. Next, you flip a white card which has a letter on it. Now the first person that finds “something to lick” with the letter “A” wins this round. Be aware, you will definitely get a lot of weird, dirty and funny answers.

70 Games for Couples

Truth or Beer

Similar to the regular truth or dare game, you would need to get an empty bottle (beer bottle preferred – to complement the mood) and spin between the two of you. Depending on the weather or location, this can do done indoors or outdoors. The “it” would then be asked if they want to go for Truth or Beer. If he or she chose Truth the other person will ask one question. It can be a simple Yes or No type of questions or it can be Whys. Totally up to you. The “it” will have the choice to answer the question or drink a whole bottle of beer if they opt to not answer. If they chose Beer, then they have to drink a whole bottle of beer. To give it a twist, add a “task” if they opt for the beer whether to dodge answering the question or if they chose beer straight up, for example – drink it while standing on one leg, or drink it while dancing or while humming the other’s favorite song. I know this sounds fun but make sure that the tasks does not involve anything that might lead to accidents. Keep it fun and safe, folks.

Shot Glass Shuffle

There are tons of vodka and brandy brands out there, buy at least 5 or 6 brands and have around 20 shot glasses ready. You get 10 and she gets the other half. Pour the 6 brands on each of the 6 shot glasses, the other 4 is where the fun begins. The other 4 will be poured with other non-alcoholic liquids that got similar color with the alcoholic beverages. You can use sodas, energy drink, coffee, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juices, tea, water, etc. Just make sure that your choices can be consumed! Next is arrange all the shot glasses all together in one table (round is preferred). You will be both given at least one minute to “shuffle” the placements of the glasses without the other looking to ensure fair play. After you’re both happy with the arrangement, you can toss a coin to determine who gets to pick the first shot. This game will surely be super cool and nail-biting! Don’t forget to serve snacks too!

Beer Pong Twist

We’ll follow the same rules as the traditional beer pong, but we’ll just add a bit more exhilarating content. Instead of beers you put different alcoholic beverages on each other’s corner. But that does not end there; you’ll get to ask your partner questions every time you successfully shoot a ping pong ball to their cup. Here are some example questions you may ask your partner to make it more interesting:

– What do you think is your best asset? Why?
– When was the last time you got really pissed?
– Who is the person who influenced you the most?
– If you had a time-machine, where would you go?
– What was the craziest thing you did that got you grounded?


Prior to the game, both of you will list down interesting trivia about yourself. I know you think you’re just an average guy and there’s nothing really extraordinary that’s worth to be a trivia about you – believe me there are a lot! Here are some guide questions to help you get started:

– Do you have a very specific morning regimen you can’t live without?
– Do you sleep with the lights on or off? Any particular reason why?
– Do you have any prized collection? What’s the backstory?
– What is your least favorite dessert?
– What was your most unforgettable family vacation?

These are simply example questions and you’ll be surprised how it will eventually branch out to a lot of funny, weird or cute things that you’ll consider worth sharing. Now, once both of you have ample trivia (preferably have 10-20), you can now play rock, paper and scissors to determine the sharing order. The loser will be the one to drink and then share the trivia after. You might think this no longer fun when you’ve been together for quite some time, but trust me you’re in for a surprise.

The Happy Hour

This game is for couples who have great sense of humor or just want a good laugh. You don’t really have to be a stand-up comedian for this couple activity. Remember the dad jokes? knock-knock jokes? funny pick up lines? Well, I know most of those are not funny BUT wait until the booze kicks in. Everything is happier and funnier with booze! That makes this couple game a winner! No one is corny when the clock ticks happy hour. So, just prep drinks of your choice and gather all the jokes you could find. One shot, one joke. Better google lots of it if you intend to get drunk… and be funny!

Pin the Maltose

This game is great for couples who like to be creative. You need paper cups in different colors and some art papers, which is cut into circles. The objective of the game is to match the color of the paper cup to the art paper placed on the floor. This is best played if you are having a double date with two pairs of couples.

The men will play against each other as well as the ladies. The game begins by doing a toss coin to determine which couple plays first. Then the couple who plays will draw the color they’re supposed to match. The boys will go first and they will be blindfolded while the other couple rearranges the art papers on the floor. When they’re happy with it and the player is blindfolded, he will then make a circle around the room three times and will place the designated colored cup as his girlfriend gives him directions or instructions where to find the matching art paper. This is a timed activity and the couples are only given one minute to complete each round.

The player should successfully place the cup without spilling its content, so his girlfriend should be able to help him navigate around the room avoiding possible obstructions like sofas, tables or chairs. If the couple successfully matched the colors, the other team will have to drink the alcohol. But if they lose, then they’ll have to take the gulp. This is the ultimate double date drinking game! Prepare for loud shrieks and laughter!

Two Truths and a Shot

Let’s say the girlfriend begins, she has to mention two truths and a lie. Her boyfriend will have to guess which one is untrue based on what his girlfriend mentioned. If you get it correctly, then you dodge the bullet. But if you lose you get to drink 1 shot of your preferred drink. Here’s a sample statement you can use as a guide:

– I love dogs, but I prefer cats as house pets (truth).
– My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio (lie – strawberry is the correct answer).
– The first thing I bought from my very first pay check is my Raybans which I still use to this day (truth).

Drinking games are simply the best during Friday nights or weekends where both of you just want to release all the tension made by the previous work week. The activities are created for couples to have fun and not just to get straight up hammered. It’s also one way to get to know each other more; it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always something new to share. Bonding couple moments are the very core of an upbeat and exciting relationship. Have fun and get drunk too. Cheers!

Ice Cube Tray Race

Couples Drinking Game - Ice Cube Tray Race

You need at least two ice cube trays and two straws. First you fill the ice cube trays with beer or some other drink which doesn’t contain too much alcohol because you will drink lots of it. Next each player puts the straw in his mouth and when the game starts, both at the same time have to suck all the liquid out of the ice cube trays. Whoever is the fastest, wins this drinking game. You can also play multiple rounds where each round gives one point.

Couple Challenges

After you’ve tried these couple games, you should definitely check out our list of 10 Challenges that famous Youtube Couples have created. This article is already very long so I created a new one for those: => Top 10 Challenges for Couples

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