Top 10 Apps for Couples to Improve Your Relationship

Sometimes, living in a big city makes social life harder than we think. On the other hand, smaller cities and towns leave you without too many options. People often find themselves far from each other no matter if they are separated by oceans or just a couple blocks away. Modern life and the fast-paced daily routine also adds up to the overall lack of love and attention we all constantly seek for ourselves.

Luckily, we have compiled a top 10 list of the best apps for couples that not only help you stay connected. They will also add more fun and romance to your relationship, improve your communication and strengthen your bond. No matter if you are in a long-distance relationship, married or still dating, just pick the ones that best suit your preferences.

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Couple App

Couple App – Preview Video

If you’re looking for a phone app to use with your partner, you’ll understand why Couple is called the “App for Two”. The best thing about Couple is that it successfully incorporates some of the best features of social media sites and apps like Facebook and Snapchat. And they’re tailored just for you and your other half. The app’s timeline feature is quite similar to Facebook’s Timeline. Here, however, the timeline is completely private. You and your boyfriend or girlfriend can use it to share special moments, send private messages or share photos in a Snapchat manner. There are also features like ThumbKiss, date night suggestions, Live Sketch, and more.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple App – Preview Video

Unlike most apps for couples, Happy Couple really digs in the relationship. Written by the famous psychologist Dr. Lonnie Barbach, this quiz-style app’s purpose is to make couples get to know each other. Every day, each partner opens up his or her phone to answer randomly-generated questions on six topics – “sex”, “responsibilities”, “communication”, “recreation”, “emotional” and “information”. After you’ve answered your daily questions, you can check whether your answers match or not and get points which respectively get you to a higher level. The best part of this is that each partner gets only half of the answers which will definitely make you sit together contemplating on your answers much more than before. This is a really fun way to improve your relationship.

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Between App – Preview Video

Apart from the common instant messaging, voice messaging and calendar-sync functions, Between offers an easily-distinguishable blog feature. Basically, you get to create your own relationship blog where you can post pictures or leave notes to your beloved one. Another original feature here is the password protection which will eliminate unwanted entries in the app from children and any other people besides your significant other. In addition, you can always use the customizable chat and stickers. This app is especially great for couples in a long-distance relationship to plan your next reunion and collect your lovely memories.

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Top 10 Apps for Couples to Improve Your Relationship 1

If you’re looking for an effective way to share info about your schedule with your significant other, Raft is probably one of the best when it comes to calendar-sharing and day-to-day to-do lists. Moreover, you can always add a close friend of the two in the mix which might be really suitable for a couple with a larger group of friends. As a result, everyone is able to see each other’s plans in a color-coded calendar style.

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Top 10 Apps for Couples to Improve Your Relationship 2
Kindu App – Romantic Ideas for Couples

In terms of ideas, Kindu can offer more than 1,000 ways to spark up your intimate life. Basically, the app suggests different ideas to improve your romantic life and as it suggests, “nothing is taboo”. If you’re looking for a way to make your suggestions look less awkward, Kindu will definitely help you propose your ideas and get a “definitely”, a “maybe” or a “no” answer. Last but not least, there’s a “Show and Tell” feature which allows you to share photos and flirt with your beloved one.

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Top 10 Apps for Couples to Improve Your Relationship 3

Talking about couples, we cannot avoid the topic of budget and Honeydue serves best in budget-making and tracking. With this app, you will easily track your bills or bank balances. Additionally, you can plan future expenses based on your budget. You will no longer argue with your partner about money spent on wrong and unnecessary stuff. Honeydue will help you keep track of it all and you will no longer have to try hard to organize your joint money-spending habits.

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As the name suggests, Pathshare is an app focused on sharing locations. Its GPS function allows couples or groups of people to share their location in real-time. What’s more, it includes a map which pinpoints the exact location, the path and the exact time of arrival. As an addition, there’s a session duration which allows you to set the duration of each session for better privacy. If you’re a long-distance couple and your about to see each other again, you can see on the map how your distance gets smaller every minute.

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Not everyone likes their conversations to be public. Although it’s not specifically designed for couples, this app provides exquisite security to your instant messaging experience. To put it simply, Wickr is the best app for secure and secret messaging. It incorporates peer-to-peer encryption along with the standard go-to features like a self-destructing timer.


Surprisingly awesome and even a little taboo, this app offers everything other phone applications don’t dare to talk about openly. This app is made for married couples who want to start a family. Basically, Glow’s slogan is “Fertility made easy” and as the creators suggest, there are 5 ways this app can work for you. You can track things like period and ovulation with a special calendar. In addition, you can keep track of 40 health signals ranging from sexual activity to mood swings and PMS. Another unique feature is that the app is not only focused on the female half of a couple but also helps males take their health into account by answering different questions about factors that might affect his fertility.


Trying to combine work with your private life? Avocado allows you to organize your day-to-day tasks and activities while delivering the standard chat and photo-sharing features. If you’re a married couple and you’re looking for a simplified application which you can use to share your to-do lists and a calendar that is instantly synced, then this app is exactly what you need. Of course, you can always add up some positive energy to your love life with loads of hugs and kisses, as well as a private album which only the two of you can see.

The Best App for Couples

In conclusion, there is and there won’t be a clear winner in the list simply because each app offers various features that are unique on its own. Although most of them offer the standard messaging and calendar functions, they deliver different positives to the table. However, this diversity is actually really helpful as each couple can choose the app they need or like the most. And, after all, you can always combine 2 or more apps from our top 10 apps for couples list.

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