Couples Game Night – How to Plan with Checklist!

Game nights for couples are a delightful and bonding experience. However, if you don’t pay attention to certain aspects, it can become a somewhat awkward situation. That’s why it is necessary to plan some of the details in advance to be prepared for the night. Especially if one couple participates for the first time and is not yet integrated into the group, you should consider certain things. Only two weeks ago I planned a game night with four couples, most of whom didn’t know each other, but luckily it was even better than I was hoping. Here is my advice to make sure everyone has a lot of fun.

By the way: There is a lot of useful advice in this article, and it will be hard to remember everything, that’s why you can download a checklist at the end, which summarizes all important points for planning.

The Couples

Ideally, you should be two or four couples including yourself and your partner. Of course, it can also work very well with three, but there is a chance that with three pairs, two get along very well and one couple feels somewhat withdrawn and excluded. This is especially often the case when two couples already know each other, and a new couple joins them. If there are more than four couples, it is difficult to fit into a table at all, let alone play a game together. That would be more of a small party than game night.

Start planning early enough

This includes above all the arrangement with the other couples so that they note the date early enough in the calendar and keep the night free. For instance, parents need to know it soon enough so that they can schedule a babysitter for their children.

Clear Communication

To avoid discrepancies, it is crucial that everyone has a rough idea of the night. It should be clear to everyone that there may be other couples coming, the time when the games begin, how long it’s going to be and who brings what drinks or food. This way they can make sure to either be full or come hungry. It makes sense not to start the evening too late so that nobody gets tired after the first game.

food ideas for couples game night

Food and Drinks

Assuming you are four pairs, which are eight people, you can imagine that two bags of chips won’t be enough. Since eating will have the most significant fun factor besides the couple games, you should pay enough attention to it. That doesn’t mean you have to cook a four-course menu. But you’ll all enjoy it a lot more when there’s a variety of snacks, appetizers, finger food and drinks.

In order not to do all the work and pay for all expenses, make a list of what you need and ask the others if they might be able to bring something. Don’t worry, most are happy if they don’t come empty-handed and don’t have to decide what they should bring. Of course, you shouldn’t exaggerate, I recommend to get the non-alcoholic drinks yourself because it is more pleasant for the guests to bring a bottle of wine than a crate of water. Tell them what is already available, so that nothing is duplicated and the other couples notice that you make an effort. Here is an idea of what to write: “So that we are provided for the night, it would be nice if each couple brought their favorite snacks and alcohol. Soda and juices are available as well as vegetable dips”.

If you need inspiration on which snacks are often well received, here are some ideas: Popcorn, chips, vegetables to dip into hummus or guacamole, grapes, crackers, cheese, and chocolate fondue. Apart from soda and juices perhaps the perfect formula for meeting the alcohol desires of all guests is 50% beer, 25% wine, and 25% liquor. The most common liquors are vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, and tequila. Those are great if you plan to play a drinking game, more about that later.

The right Atmosphere

For all couples to be comfortable during the game night, a relaxing atmosphere should be created. Warm but not too dark lighting, so that you don’t get tired and can still read the game board and the cards well. Use a playlist for the music, so you don’t have to choose new songs all the time. Spotify or Youtube are great for this because they have premade playlists for almost every situation. If possible, choose instrumental music, because vocals can sometimes disturb your playing. It should be uplifting background music that keeps everyone happy and motivated.

Ideally, you have a table big enough for all couples, the board or playing cards, snacks, and drinks. Otherwise, you can either put two tables together or place the food on smaller tables. However, it is beneficial to reach all the snacks without standing up.

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The Game Selection

Select in advance at least 2-3 games that are suitable for a couples game night. When all the guests have arrived and are welcomed, you can either suggest the first game or decide together. If you have too many games to choose from, it can take forever for you to come to an agreement, as everyone has different ideas. However, you should have 1-2 backup games available if you disagree or if a couple doesn’t feel comfortable.

You should also pay attention to the order in which you play the games because it doesn’t make sense to start with a complicated, slow game. Start with easy games that everyone understands quickly and that will loosen up the mood so that new couples can integrate well. Drinking games for couples are especially suitable for warming up. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it because the limited abilities may prevent some players from playing other games afterward.

After the casual warm-up, interactive games like Taboo are even more fun. Make sure that if you play competitive games, there won’t be too much competition between pairs, because some people can take it personally if they lose often. In such situations, it is helpful to make a competition battle of the sexes to mix the rivalry.

If you are only two couples and already know each other quite well, relationship games and cooperative strategy games are a great way to take your relationship and your couple friendship to a new level.

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