50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

At the end of this article you will find a list of 50 cute things to say to your girlfriend, but first you should know the benefits of complimenting her, how to say it the right way and what you should avoid when you say those sweet words.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ― Leo Buscaglia

A compliment is a simple expression with a deep impact. It can make or break a person’s day. In some instances, some nice words can have a lifespan effect on an individual. Compliments are more than just ego-boosters; it’s more like a support system to your spouse. Telling her cute things is how you demonstrate to your girlfriend that you recognize and appreciate her. It also shows respect, admiration, approval, gratitude, trust, and hope. Now, we’re not saying that your girlfriend is insecure or needs you to validate her worth. However, try to think how you’d feel if people you love don’t say nice things to you? A relationship is a partnership where you rally for each other. Men are keen on their girlfriends being their cheerleaders; in return, you can root her on. Compliments are important as it boosts your relationship.

5 Reasons to Tell Her Cute Things

  1. It makes her feel good.
  2. It increases her confidence about your relationship.
  3. It’s an indicator and reminder that she is loved.
  4. It shows that you still care and appriciate her.
  5. It drives her away from other guys’ compliments.

Do you want a prosperous relationship? Then it’s time to be a compliment champion. Not sure how to say cute things to your girlfriend? Or tried it and it blew up in your face? There are ways and means to tell her something sweet. We’ve gathered a few of the best ways to do so. Do note that it’s always great to take into consideration your girlfriend’s persona so you can know which way to use.

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11 Tips How to Say Cute Things to Her

1. Start Her Day With A Compliment – Think about it like a steaming cup of coffee. If you start her day off with telling your girlfriend something cute about her then you just revitalized her for the whole day. Come what may, her smile will remain intact as she remembers that sweet moment. Here’s a scenario: Ever woke up beside her and found her absolutely breathtaking? Then say it and take her breath away.

2. Be Sincere – Compliments are best felt when they are made of truth. Let genuineness guide your words. Though your romantic words might be clichéd, how it’s said is what’s important even if she heard it a million times before, she’ll know and appreciate that you truly mean them.

3. Surprise Her – Just out of the blue, express your admiration for your girlfriend without it warranting you to.

5. Use Your Funny Bones – A compliment can be out right funny in a gentle way. When you make her eyes and lips dance then you imprint on her heart another special moment. Plus humor and laughter strengthen your immune system.

6. There’s More to Compliments than Looks – You can express praise for other aspects of her life, her career, her nonprofit, her hobby, her taste, etc.

7. Admire Her in A Crowd – This will create a stronger bond between you when you can accolade your girlfriend around your friends or strangers, it somehow strengthens the relationship and says to the world “She is mine and I am happily hers”

8. No Words – Sometimes no words are necessary. Simply looking at her, smiling, touching her hand, shoulder, kissing her forehead shows admiration of the highest form. Sometimes, you say it best when you say nothing at all.

9. Be creative – Find fun, innovative ways to compliment your partner. She’ll appreciate the effort and enjoy the thrill your creativity brings.

10. Your body should echo your words – Use positive, welcoming, warm and loving body language as this will speak to the authenticity of your commendation.

11. Learn How To Receive As Well As Give – Don’t brush off her compliments, you can tell her “thank you, baby” or “I appreciate you saying that”. Remember to accept sincerely.

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How you should NOT compliment your Girlfriend

Avoid these types of compliments:

Don’t be a Cheater – If you complimented another women in her presents, don’t ever use the same words for your girlfriend. She will remember it even months and will be everything else but pleased.

Don’t Fabricate – Don’t make things up in order to attempt to make your girlfriend feel good. It might make her feel worse.

Don’t use compliments as an escape route – When you’re having a disagreement and you wish for it to end, giving her a compliment especially if it’s insincere might move you from the frying pot to the fire.

Don’t be Like a Scratched Record – Saying the same things over and over might make her believe you’re being dishonest or something is wrong with you.

Don’t overdo it – Remember there’s a time and place for everything, compliments included.

Don’t use the wrong medium – It might not be right at the time to say cute things via a text when you really should say it to her face or tagging her in a Facebook post when you’ve never told it directly before. It might seem like a facade.

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Couples who say cute things to each other have a better relationship. Compliments are firstly naturally what you think and feel, it’s just not expressed as much as it should be. These words of romance can be powerful and you can use that power to strengthen what you have with your girlfriend. When she feels good, you’ll feel good vice versa. Do not let rejection inhibit you from saying nice things. Try again especially if you know she’ll appreciate what you’re feeling.

“When I compliment you, I compliment myself, because I am who I associate with.” ― Jarod Kintz

Women love to be swept away by a man’s sweetness. I know you already brought her those heart-shaped chocolates and a bouquet of her favorite flowers, but it ain’t all that. She would also want to hear you say how special she really is and how lucky you are to have her as your matching partner.

Men tend to think that they said “I love you” two weeks ago and the fact that you’re still together as a couple should be proof enough that you still feel the same way. But women are different, they want to hear it over and over again ideally every day.

Guys aren’t really talkers by nature and most of us might need some creative inspirations. That’s why I collected 50 cute things to say to your girlfriend to make her feel like a princess.

BTW: Don’t forget to bookmark this page because you can’t use all cute lines at once. Come back whenever you need another nice thing to say.

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50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend 3

1. “You’re absolutely glowing today.” Yes, she is beautiful, but that’s already an understatement. When you say a girl is glowing, beauty bursts from the inside out.

2. “You’re extra radiant.” Just like a little ray of sunshine, she is a true stunner.

3. “You’re my Bonnie.” Yes, I know Juliet is a more popular choice, but you’re not the typical textbook couple, right? You’re way more fun and exciting.. hello…?

4. “I am under your spell.” If she looks extra glamorous, don’t hold it in. Tell your girlfriend how much she resembles the Greek goddesses and deities.

5. “Seeing your text at work makes everything lighter.” Mondays are bearable because of that random cat emoji she sends over her lunch time. You may not admit it but little things count too, even for guys.

6. “I’m happy you’re here.” Whether it’s your sick day or simply Netflix and chill, let her know she’s your arm candy.

7. “I love to watch you sleep.” This is sweet but don’t say this in a creepy / stalker kinda tone especially when you guys are not even sharing an apartment or haven’t slept in each other’s home.

8. “You mean the world to me.” The world is quite big.. well not quite.. it is huge… so saying this will surely leave a permanent markdown to her heartstrings.

9. “Your happiness is my happiness.” Love is about being selfless and giving way to her just to make sure she is happy, is just one of a kind.

10. “I want the world to know, you’re mine.” Every girlfriend wants the entire planet to know that both of you are off the market, that you are exclusive. She yours and you’re hers.

If you really want to make a lasting impression, surprise her with a matching couple gift and continue the line above with “that’s why I bought you this so everyone can see we’re together!”

11. “Things are a lot more fun when you’re around.” No more lonely days and cold nights. Let her know you’re thankful that she’s keeping up with your craziness.

12. “You’re a gem.” She’s just so precious and there’s nothing wrong about being vocal about it.

13. “I miss you already.” You can either say this in person or more often than not, over text. You can’t deny it; things are different when she’s not around.

14. “I am so proud of you.” Let her know that she’s your pride and joy. Did she get promoted? Did she finish her first marathon? Did she make her first cake? Give her the sweetest hug and whisper this.

15. “You’re my angel.” She always got your back and supports all your life decisions, she deserves this nice title.

16. “Stay with me.” Feeling needed means feeling special. You know you want her in your life, don’t be shy to utter these romantic words.

17. “I have never been this happy in my life.” And you know deep down you are telling the truth. Being with your girlfriend is the best thing that has ever happened. You are more motivated and inspired to do greater things.

18. “I am simply the luckiest.” If you think about it, it’s not just pure luck – it probably required some divine intervention too.

19. “Your hair smells fantastic.” It’s their magic spell. Every guy loves the whiff of those strawberry-scented shampoo.. or conditioner maybe.. nobody truly knows but that scent is the bomb.

20. “You’re lovely with or without makeup.” Now, before you say this make sure the timing is right and it’s not an implied remark when you’re running late for a movie date. Be sincere and candid – she knows when it’s true.

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21. “Can you give me a hug?” Your Girlfriend will be delighted to hear this from their man. Women are often the ones demanding for some TLC, so if tables were turned she’ll be more than happy to give lots of bear hugs.

22. “You’re a sight to behold.” You know when both of you go on a vacation somewhere and she marvels on the best views, but you know deep within your heart that she is your “view”. Aaaaawwww…

23. “You keep me moving forward.” Life can sometimes lead you to bumpy roads but knowing how much she believes in you, makes you more optimistic; being with her means having a personal cheerleader.

24. “You suffice.” Let your girlfriend know that she is all that you need. She doesn’t have to worry about being perfect because in your eyes she already is.

25. “You’re more than what you think you are.” If your girlfriend seems to be bothered about some stuff or is feeling a little down, it’s your job to remind her how capable she is on turning things around.

26. “You are my Wonder Woman.” She can do anything. She can be whoever she wants to be – she’s simply wonderful.

27. “Would you like me to get some donuts before I head home?” Who doesn’t love donuts? No, seriously.. who?

28. “You’re worth it.” She’s worth every surprise gifts, every romantic candlelight dinner, every late night talks.

29. “You don’t need any photo filter.” Let your girlfriend know that she’s picture perfect and does not need to fuss about not capturing the perfect angle.

30. “I still can’t believe your mine now.” This will absolutely keep her smiling all day. Letting her know how highly you value your relationship is heart-warming.

31. “You make me the happiest.” You pursue her because she makes you feel happy. Being a happy couple is one thing and being happy within is just pure bliss.

32. “You light up the room.” Everywhere she goes; it seems she’s the bearer of light. She’s just so fun to be around and it infects the people around her – most especially you.

33. “You make my day brighter.” Well, the reality is you can’t just skip gloomy days but having her assures you that it will pass. It’s nice to have someone during challenging days; a lovely cuddle could simply be the cure.

34. “You’re the perfect catch.” Of course, she is! Amidst her constant complaining about her pores being too large or her hair being dry, you know that she is just perfect the way she is.

35. “I want to know you better.” It takes a whole lifetime to know a person and if you’re willing to do so, she’s a keeper.

36. “You’re enough.” Girls tend to be insecure about a lot of things, as her main squeeze you should be more vocal about how much you believe in her. Make her feel that she is adequate in every way.

37. “Cuddling with you is my personal favorite.” Oh, cuddles. Boys can deny all they want, but cuddles are invented to be enjoyed by everyone. So don’t be shy to tell her it’s something you look forward to every time you’re together.

38. “You have a good heart.” Don’t just compliment her physical attributes; let her realize you embrace her inner beauty as well.

39. “You will always be the top priority.” Priorities, priorities… Assure her that she’s second to none.

40. “Can’t wait to see you.” Express how much you miss your time together, nothing cheesy about it.

41. “You’re my muse.” By saying this you let her know that you got your eyes on her and no one else.

42. “I can just chill with you all day.” Making her feel that she’s all that you need will make every woman gush.

43. “I’d choose you over bacon.” I would leave you with this. No words, man.

44. “Can’t wait to enjoy the holidays with you.” Celebrating moments and making memories together, that’s what being a couple is about.

45. “You’re one heck of a funny girl.” A girlfriend with a sense of humor is just super sexy! Let her know it’s a major turn on.

46. “You are my spirit animal.” Nothing feels better than finding your wild match.

47. “I would love an instant replay every time I’m with you.” Re-runs, anyone? You just can’t get enough of your girl.

48. “Kiss me and make everything alright.” When you’re not in a good mood, her kiss is the only thing you need.

49. “Can we spend just one more minute together?” Being with her makes you feel good, you just want to “hoard” her.

50. “I’ll just be right here when you get back.” This makes her super secured that you will be lovingly waiting for her until her return.

That’s it for now, 50 cute, nice and romantic things to say to your girlfriend that will make her feel appreciated and special every time you tell her one of these sweet lines. Check out the following date night ideas to make sure you always have a great time together:

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