Touch Bracelets for Long-Distance Relationship Couples

It’s sad to be apart from someone you love. You’d spend hours yearning to feel their skin or look into their eyes or have conversations without the aid of an electronic device. Still, true love finds a way to survive all circumstances, including long-distance. There is one fantastic thing that long-distance relationship couples can use in strengthening their love and satisfying their yearnings to feel the touch of one another: Distance Touch Bracelets. It’s as magical as it sounds. And, the magic is just as good as the science behind it.

long-distance bracelets

You probably already know the classic long-distance bracelets which are available in many different colors and designs. These matching bracelets fit together like Jing and Jang. However, touch bracelets are the developed version. They are a bit more expensive, but they have special functions. While the classic distance bracelets are connected through your thoughts, the touch bracelets are really connected via the internet.

How do Touch Bracelets work?

Touch bracelets, as the term suggests, are bracelets that allow you to notice the touch of a loved one who is miles away from you. It’s a sleek, beautiful device for keeping in touch with one another without having to say a word! There are two major types of touch bracelets: the bond touch bracelets and the hey bracelets. Both work with a similar mechanism, but each brand has a unique feature.

Bond Touch Bracelets

The bond touch bracelets are everything you could ever ask for. They are beautiful, intricately designed and very fashionable. The bond touch bracelets come in various colors from which you can choose. They are slim, send a strong vibration when touched, are water-proofed, and their wristbands are changeable. Meaning, you can get the bracelet bands changed to suit the color of your clothes. Whenever you want to send a nonverbal “I miss you” to your partner; all you need to do is touch your bracelet, and they’ll feel that loving vibration. Well, that’s not all, the bond touch bracelets allow you to keep a touch history, so you can save and play previous touches as often as you like. Now that’s what I call real sophistication.

Hey Touch Bracelets

Hey is another sophisticated brand. The touch bracelets from Hey are very fashionable and come in black or white color. Its small frame makes it beautiful on the wrist. Hey bracelets are made with an impressive battery life which can stay on for about three days when it’s fully charged. It’s also weather-proofed and amazingly mimics the touch of a human. Just like a fine squeeze to the wrists!

Both brands of touch bracelets operate with a designated app built for each brand. The Hey app for Hey bracelets and the Bond Touch app for bond touch bracelets. To send touches to a partner, both couples will have to connect their bracelets to the bracelets app via Bluetooth and connect with one another. Then you can feel and send as many touches at any time. Both bracelets are impressive and, if you are looking to choose a brand, you should consider their distinctive features.

The Main Difference

The Bond touch bracelets send touches in the form of vibration, while the Hey bracelets mimic the human touch. The Bond touch bracelets have a touch history, and the Hey bracelets don’t. Nevertheless, they both serve the wonderful purpose of adding spice to long-distance relationships even when the couples are miles apart!

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