7 Crazy Long-Distance Relationship Gadgets

Making a long-distance relationship work is no easy task. Not being able to see and be with each other is a big challenge, even for couples with the strongest of bonds. The lack of connection will, little by little, chip away the foundations of any relationship until it crumbles.

Fortunately, today’s technology has made it easier for long-distance love to endure and even flourish. There are other things couples like you and your significant other can do – apart from the routine communication via e-mail, chat, and video calls – to feel more connected to each other. Below are several gadgets you can use to bridge the distance until you can be beside your love again:

Touch Lamps

7 Crazy Long-Distance Relationship Gadgets 1

These look and function like regular lamps, but with one touch, you can let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. The lamp unexpectedly lighting up will undoubtedly put a smile on their face and brighten their day. It’s an effortless way to connect that you can take advantage of especially when you’re busy, and you don’t have time to chat. 

These lamps work by connecting your units online, which is quite easy. Just plug them in or make sure they are charged, establish a Wi-Fi connection, then connect to the unique ID that only the two of you share. Touch lamps have come a long way since they were introduced to the market. 

Makers of this nifty gadget have introduced a variety of features meant to elevate user experience. Today, there are models that allow you to change and assign light colors, choose how long the light stays on, and adjust the brightness of the lamp. Some lamps even boast of Bluetooth speakers that allow you to “send” a song of your choice to your partner. 

Touch lamps likewise come in various designs and sizes so you’re sure to find a piece that will complement the room where you’re planning to set it. You can bring them anywhere because they are light, small, and come with rechargeable batteries. Their versatility makes them easier to place and carry around, so it’s also easier to feel closer to your significant other.

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Touch Bracelets

7 Crazy Long-Distance Relationship Gadgets 2

Distance doesn’t matter when you and your significant other are wearing these amazing couple bracelets! Like the distance lamps, these keep you connected through a single touch that you “send” and which your partner “receives” and feels through their bracelet. These accessories are always sold in a set of two and are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you touch your bracelet, sensors inside the accessory detect it and send the information to your phone and the bracelet app. The app will then “send the touch” to the linked account – in this case, your partner’s. Once the other phone receives the info, it will trigger a response from its user’s bracelet instantaneously. 

Long-Distance Touch Bracelets come in various models. Their response mechanism ranges from a simple buzz or vibration to a gentle squeeze and the band lighting up in the sender’s color of choice. Customizability remains a point of concern for many users, but there are already brands that offer interchangeable bands that come in various colors. Most distance bracelets are made of silicone and are water-resistant, and are rechargeable – making them a perfect gadget for on-the-go couples looking to connect whenever and wherever they are. 

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Long-Distance Sex Toys

7 Crazy Long-Distance Relationship Gadgets 3

The future is now and the sex industry is at the forefront when it comes to new innovations. Having sex in a long-distance relationship was always a challenge, until now. In order for you and your partner to enjoy this experience, you first need to download the app on your smartphone or tablet and set up an account. Then, pair your chosen interactive sex toys and your device via Bluetooth. Next, send an invite to your partner (you only need to do this once). Once they accept, they can share control of the sex toy you are using – and control theirs, if applicable – as long as you are both connected to the Internet. The kind and range of control you can have over your partner’s toy (and vice versa) depend on the product.

There are two types of long-distance sex toys: Remote controlled and Interactive. While remote control sex toys allow him to be in charge of her pleasure, interactive toys make it possible to feel the same sensations simultaneously.

I wrote a review about the most popular distance sex toys and how they are different from each other so make sure to check that out.

One of the most popular brands for remote-controlled sex toys is We-Vibe. They are at the forefront of innovative designs in the industry: apart from the usual toys, they also offer gadgets that can be enjoyed by couples in a long-distance relationship. The latter is made possible by their “We-Connect” app which, in a nutshell, allows couples to be intimate by enabling remote control of each other’s We-Vibe product of choice when in use. We-Vibe toys have several vibration modes (10 for most) that you can enjoy and customize, and which your partner can play with. The intensity, as well as the duration for each mode, can also be controlled. You can make the experience even more intimate by taking advantage of We-Connect’s text and video chat capabilities. The We-Connect sex app only works with selected We-Vibe products, but that is not a problem because the list of compatible toys is quite long – meaning, you and your partner won’t find yourselves wanting. In particular, the app can be used with the following: 4 Plus, Classic, and Sync (couples vibrators); Pivot and Verge (vibrating rings); Nova, Rave, and Jive (vibrators); Ditto (plug); Gala (clitoral stimulator); Wish (clitoral vibrator); and finally, Bloom (vibrating Kegel balls). 

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More Long-Distance Gadgets

Thanks to technology, more and more products are developed to bridge the gap for long-distance couples effectively. Some of these are the following:

Long-Distance Pillows


Pillow Talk is the first and only manufacturer of these romantic long-distance relationship pillows. This accessory is similar to the HB Ring (below), but it takes the additional step of letting you hear your partner’s heartbeat in real-time. The experience is akin to lying with your head on your loved one’s chest and is achieved by wearing a special wristband to bed and placing the accompanying speaker under your pillow. As with the other gadgets mentioned here, you need to download the corresponding app, pair the wristband and your phone via Bluetooth, and connect to each other for Pillow Talk to work. An Internet connection is also a must.

Couple Watches

Kitmen Keung is a designer based in Hong Kong who is known for his long-distance couple watches. These timepieces feature two dials: one that shows the wearer’s current time and another that can be adjusted to display any time zone. For couples, a long-distance watch can be a constant reminder of each other. On a more practical note about this gadget, it can also serve as a guide to know when best to talk to your partner, and its sleek design makes it easy to wear.

Heartbeat Couple Rings

This gadget is a little pricier with $1,190.00 for a pair of couple rings. It gives you a real-time account of your partner’s heartbeat (and vice-versa) by tapping it twice. If they are not online, it will show you the last heartbeat information is acquired. It also has a “Surprise Me” feature wherein it lights up with your loved one’s heartbeat randomly. For the rings to work, you and your significant other need to download the HB Ring app, pair your couple rings and your phones via Bluetooth, and link to each other.


Letsgaze.com is a website that, at its simplest, allows you to watch videos with your loved one at the same time. What makes this gadget special is its “sync-watch” feature wherein whatever action either of you do is reflected on the other’s window. For example, if you pause the video, go back a couple of seconds, or play it again, this action will also happen on your partner’s screen. You can also interact while watching by taking advantage of the site’s video call and chat capabilities.

FrontRow Camera

This hands-free camera that is worn around the neck pendant-style is a great gadget for couples in a long-distance relationship. It allows you to live-stream, record videos, and capture images comfortably, so you can share your life with your significant other with ease. To do so, you need to download the FrontRow app and then pair the device and your phone via Bluetooth. If you’re connected to the Internet, you can easily stream to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The device features a front- and rear-facing camera as well as a touchscreen and runs several apps. You can also store videos and photos in it. 

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