8 Long-Distance Relationship Pillows

Physical intimacy is crucial to the success of any relationship, and the lack of it is what causes many long-distance couples to separate. Fortunately, technology today has made it possible for couples to remain connected and strengthen their bond even if they are apart from each other. While there is no replacement for physical closeness, products like long-distance pillows can bridge the gap and make you feel like your partner is there with you.

Long-Distance Couple Pillows

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Just a few examples of LDR couple pillows.
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While long-distance gadgets like the Pillow Talk are a great way to connect couples separated by distance, these are not a necessity. A simple yet constant reminder of each other is often enough to keep the relationship alive. Matching couple pillows are a perfect example of this.

The phrase “couple pillows” is misleading. More often than not, what makes them so are the pillowcases, not the pillows themselves. Specifically, it’s the print on the pillowcase that matters. There are countless designs for long-distance couples, but all share the same themes of love, romance, and relationships. They also usually come in pairs.

Couple pillows are a popular romantic gift, so it’s easy to find a pair that suits you and your partner. You have numerous ready-made options, and these can be found both in retail stores specializing in domestic merchandise, as well as online shops. You can also choose to create your own design and have the pillows custom-made according to your specifications.

The most popular prints for long-distance couple pillows consist of complementary images or text, or two halves of a single image (like a heart or something that is meaningful to the couple).

Aside from the design, the purpose of the pillows is also an important consideration. If they are decorative, then appearance is your only concern. But if they are to be used when sleeping, you also need to consider the size and fill.

Long-Distance Heartbeat Pillows


Update: Recently there are many negative reviews about Little Riot on Facebook, Google Play and Itunes. For this reason, we cannot recommend their product (Pillow Talk) any longer. However, here is a list of alternatives to make LDR couples feel closer:

This simple gadget started as a Kickstarter project with a novel idea – to enable two individuals to hear and feel each other’s heartbeat with the aid of technology. Every Pillow Talk set comes with two pairs of bracelets and speakers. The sensor in the bracelets detects and transmits the wearer’s heartbeat information in real-time to the one they are connected to through the Pillow Talk app. The other partner can then listen to the heartbeat through their speaker. It is the perfect gadget for long-distance couples who want to feel like they are physically together. 

How It Works

For Pillow Talk to work, you and your partner should each have a bracelet and speaker. Download the Pillow Talk app on your smartphone, and then register so you can connect to each other. Pair your wristband with your phone via Bluetooth; make sure the app is open for a seamless connection. You can now “send” your heartbeat as long as you’re wearing the bracelet. To listen to your partner’s heartbeat or your own, connect the speaker to your phone’s audio jack using the cable provided. It is recommended that you place the speaker underneath your pillow to “experience” – and not just listen to – your loved one’s heartbeat. Remove the speaker top if you want the sound to be louder. You can also choose to listen with headphones.

Pros and Cons

The novelty and simplicity of Pillow Talk are its strongest points. The idea of experiencing your partner’s heartbeat in real-time is a game-changer. It creates a more intimate experience compared to what most other long-distance gadgets provide. Set-up is a breeze, and the bracelet can be worn quickly and easily. Cleaning it is likewise a cinch because the sensor comes right off. Portability is another strong suit. The speaker and the bracelet are small enough that you can bring them with you anywhere. So you can listen to your partner’s heartbeat whenever they are online. Should you forget the speaker, you can still listen using your earphones or headphones. 

Pillow Talk has a few minor drawbacks. If your mobile phone doesn’t have the conventional headphone jack, you have to use an adapter to be able to connect your speaker to it. It also has very limited features: while it does work as intended, many users are left wanting more out of it. Color options are also a sore point, as you can only choose between red and blue. 

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