Long-Distance Sex – 10 Ways to Make Love in an LDR

Nowadays, it’s more common than ever to see a couple maintaining their relationship from afar. Frankly, long-distance relationships are not for everyone because they require a lot of commitment. Every person deserves to be loved, and long-distance relationships opt for a different approach when it comes to satisfying those needs. Luckily, there are many ways to make a long-distance relationship work. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best ideas to utilize the power of technology to spice up your LDR sex life.

1. Sex Apps

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is a lot easier when you open up to your partner about your sexual desires. However, you should bear in mind that it may not always be appropriate to use the standard social media apps for your “sexy time”. There are sex apps for couples specially designed for such purposes, and you can securely use them to send your significant other naughty messages. 

2. Erotic Love Letters

Even though this might not be for everyone, erotica and writing erotica is a creative and mind-opening way of sharing your emotions and desires. Moreover, taking photos and sexting might not be your thing, so taking everything a little into the poetic waters might be even a little romantic. You can freely use your imagination and create some hot scenarios that will touch your partner’s senses in a very thrilling manner.

3. Sexting

Ultimately, this is the most common modern-day way of bringing in a dab of sex into your daily routine. Sexting is easy and convenient as you can do everywhere and at any time – on the bus, at work or even at the dinner table. This makes it very accessible, but most of all, it’s a discreet way to keep things hot between you. Especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship.

4. Give each other Sex Tasks

Masturbating is an act that most people are doing alone without anyone knowing. However, having someone tell you when, where, and how you should do it will increase the excitement so much more for both partners. It’s an awesome sex game that you should play with your long-distance partner. Of course, you can also do it at the same time. Give each other various sex tasks, such as using a new toy or masturbating at the same time. If you combine this game with long-distance sex toys like remote-controlled vibrators, it will bring your sex life to another level!

5. Make a Sex Bucket List

Making a bucket “to-do” list is all about acknowledging each other’s personal preferences. Every couple needs reigniting the light of love from time to time. So it may be quite a good idea to come up with some particular sexual experiences that you want to try out. After all, you’ll have plenty of time to plan what you want from each other on your next encounter. Making a sex bucket list with the positions or techniques you wish to try out will surely increase the thrill of counting down the time until you meet again.

6. Have Phone Sex

Some might consider it outdated, but phone sex will forever be a classic when it comes to sex games. In fact, it’s still a good idea to talk dirty to your long-distance partner regularly. Moreover, you might not be so comfortable to be intimate online, so the old-fashioned way of being naughty from a distance will be nourishing to your long-distance relationship. After all, this is the prototype of the modern-day “sexting”. Who doesn’t want to hear their significant other’s voice in a sexy tone? 

7. Sex over Facetime or Skype

Considering your partner is far away from you, video apps like Facetime and Skype are a must. A video-conversation is the closest thing to an eye-to-eye date for a long-distance couple. For this reason, it’d be a healthy thing to do since you’ll be comfortable and more open in front of each other. If you are looking for the best device for video calls 

8. Make a Replica of your Genitals

This might sound a little weird, but sometimes being in a long-distance relationship can be arduous for both partners, when they don’t see each other for months. In such cases, making a replica of your genitals should be a quite normal self-care package for you two. Additionally, it’s now easier than ever to make a mold of your penis or vagina as there are DIY Home Kits. To spice things up, even more, some of these kits come with a vibrating unit. 

9. Remote-Controlled Vibrators

Unsurprisingly, remote-controlled toys are now a very common activity for couples, especially among partners who are afar and don’t see each other every day. Stimulating each other from long distance is bound to bring on the thrill between the two. If you practice it while at work or somewhere outside, you’ll definitely feel the adrenaline rush. For the men, there’s a sex toy called “Max” while for the women, there are sex toys like “the Nora” and “the Lush”. If you are into anal stimulation, apps like “the Hush” may do the job for you. 

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10. Interactive Sex Toys

As mentioned above, remote-controlled toys are now a normal part of every relationship’s stash of dirty secrets. In long-distance relationships, the use of toys is highly-preferable and quite healthy since you can’t have real-life bed action together. So, why not sync up your toys so you can experience pleasure at the same time?

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