Sex Apps for Couples – Top 10

Who doesn’t want a passionate and exciting sex life? However, after being a few years in a relationship it often becomes a little boring in the bedroom. That’s why some smart nerds created sex apps for couples. Their only purpose is to make sexual experiences memorable again. We created a list of the 10 best sex apps to spice up your relationship.

Sex Dice

Sex Dice Game

No need to install this free sex dice game because it’s not really an app. We created it for our visitors and you can simply play it on our site by clicking here: Sex Dice Game. You can start playing it immediately and the rules are very easy. It randomly generates an action

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iKamasutra Lite

Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 1

If there is a need to go to a sex school, iKamasutra would be the best institution to attend. Let’s start with its profound approach to guide your sex experience from your current level of exposure to the pro level you have always dreamt of. The over 100 well-described positions suit your intimacy, complexity, and strength. You won’t have to worry about comprehending each step as it is professionally written. You can shake your phone to get a random position or swipe from left to right. You can also take note of any position and make your own list. As your satisfaction is ensured so is your privacy protected. Just create your password!

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Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 2

Communication is an important aspect of intimacy but since communication is not restricted to oral use, every other aspect of it is found in Kindu. Planning a date or any other activity you may want to carry out with your spouse gets easier and better with the Kindu app. This is the best app to channel all forms of communication to your spouse. If you are bad at communicating your feelings or too shy to ask or answer certain questions bothering you, have no worries. Kindu comes with a guided platform to help you out. You can get to understand your spouse more and create funny moments that strengthen the bond between the two of you. This app can spark up and lighten your romance and sex life.

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Dirty Truth or Dare

Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 3

How about playing a game that ignites the sex vibes in you? You would definitely love this app. It features thrilling truth or dare drills. You can dare different positions, can’t you? It’s actually up to you and your spouse to take the challenge with the suggested daring styles and technique. If you are looking for a daring app that will challenge you to do the dirty stuff, then this app is cool for you.

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69 Places

Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 4

This app shows you 69 examples of different places where you can make it happen. It’s like a bucket list for sex locations. This naughty app comes with pictures of these locations and makes it more real with a detailed description of all you need to do to get it down. You can actually organize and monitor your favorite locations by saving them! After you tried a new place out, you can mark it as done. They are separated into six categories and you can see how much percent of each category you were able to archive.

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Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 5

Communication got better with the desire app. Have you ever thought that your romance life could be sharpened by playing a game that is both exciting and challenging? Try this app and your romance life will only get better and creamier. With its erotic games, you can challenge your spouse to do what you want without any delay. Once it is accepted, the countdown begins and you earn a point/badge when it’s completed! You get to choose any category of your challenge and guess what? You are not the only one on this. You can share your challenge with the community of couples all around the world. Without your spouse, you enjoy the passion in the relationship. And with your spouse, sex life only gets better. All thanks to Desire.

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Sexy Vibes

Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 6

You can get the same experience you’d receive from buying a sex toy with this app. Call it a vibrator on your android device and you won’t be wrong. Sexy vibes is the best app to get you going. You could well say that this is like having an external companion; a friend who always puts a smile to your sexual pleasures and an ever-ready hero charged with the responsibility to spice up the juicy moment. This app does the job of a vibrator with many functions. It can as well be customized to your taste. You can create your own vibrating patterns, share with different users and have access to theirs too.

Sex Drive

Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 7

The moment you discover that the challenge of your sex life is beyond the different places you have it, or that adopting varying positions haven’t helped either, then, you need to check your lifestyle. The sex drive app seeks to revive the much-anticipated need for sex and its satisfying effect. The inability to enjoy sex could be a physical issue, a psychological or both. It can also be linked with hormonal changes, stress, diet, and mood. The app provides useful tips on how to embrace a lifestyle that would boost the sex drive. If carefully followed as suggested, this app guarantees a steady revival of the lost physical and emotional bonds that comes with sex.


Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 8

This is another cool app that helps you to create and save pleasant memories. You get to link your account to your spouse’s and take up to a 1000 challenges. The challenges are easy to take and they don’t come with complexities. Apart from you boosting your sex life, Honi also comes with tips to boost a healthy relationship. The amazing feature about this app that would spice up your sex life is that you can decide to create your own challenge and set out the reward for your spouse. How about going outside your world of fantasy and doing something mutual? Honi can also help you to locate a nice spot to enjoy the evening.


Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 9

Technology has reduced the grave consequences of distance and this app improves your sex life even in a long-distance relationship. OhMiBod controls vibrators over long distances. You don’t have to necessarily be in the same room with your spouse to enjoy your sex toys. With OhMiBod, your sex toys can be activated and patterned according to your taste. The pleasure just got better! Varieties of rhythm can be sent and received while organized patterns can be saved for later use. One of the cool features of this app is that you can visualize at the other end the activity of your spouse using the vibrator.

Cosmo’s sex position of the day

Sex Apps for Couples - Top 10 10

This app has most of the sex positions you could ever imagine. One of the cool features of this app that will improve your sex life is the pictorial illustration and the easy ‘get to go’ explanation. You would see clearly in what position you and your spouse should be and this surprisingly suits the kind of person you are! You won’t have to worry whether the sun was too hot for you or maybe you are just too lazy to fulfill the sexual pleasures of your spouse. The varying positions will shave the worries away! The best experience is gotten even with your imperfect mood just to enjoy the sex. Different moods are explained with their suitable styles and positions.

That’s it, I hope you found at least one of our sex apps for couples useful for your relationship. Another great way to improve your sex life are Sex Games for Couples, make sure you check them out too!

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