Date Ideas for Long-Distance Relationship Couples

Like most couples in a long-distance relationship (LDR), the happiest time of the year for you most likely isn’t your birthday or the holidays. Rather, it’s when your significant other visits you. Now that the date is set for their arrival, you’re brimming with anticipation and, of course, excitement. But there’s also a tinge of worry: what are you going to do?

Do things that promote touching

One of the hardest things faced by a couple in a long-distance relationship is the absence of physical contact. No matter how often and how much you talk online, you cannot replace the feeling of having your boyfriend or girlfriend with you. Physical intimacy is an important part of any relationship because it strengthens your bond. As such, it’s a good idea to look for date ideas and activities wherein you can be close to each other, literally. Dancing is an obvious choice: you can go to a club or to a place with a more relaxed and romantic atmosphere where you can slow dance as a couple. If your partner is going to stay with you for a while, consider taking classes with them in ballroom dancing.

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Do something new

Maintaining a healthy relationship includes keeping it from becoming monotonous – a rather difficult task when you are far from each other. Take your partner’s visit as an opportunity to create new memories together that will help keep the fire in your relationship burning. Sign up for an activity that is out of your comfort zone, or one that both of you have been meaning to try. Extreme sports/activities are a great choice here, but you can also go the more relaxed route. Walking along the beach at dawn, trying out a new restaurant’s degustation menu, or going on a picnic can all be a source of new memories that will help you build a stronger relationship.

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Engage in physical activities

The benefits of being active are well-known, but did you know that engaging in physical activity as a couple can have a huge, positive impact on your relationship? Exercising, running, jogging, and the like, when done together, encourage non-verbal mimicry – that is, when you match your pace and rhythm with your partner or vice versa. This, in turn, increases your emotional bond because you feel more attuned with each other. You can also reignite the spark in your relationship through joint physical activity. Its effects – such as breathlessness, sweating, blushing, and an increased pulse rate – are similar to what happens when you are aroused and attracted to someone. When you are together and these happen, you’ll become even more attractive to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Have them explore the city

If your partner is going to stay with you for a while, you might have to go back to work at some point. You don’t have to stress over days like this, as there is still something to do provided that you plan some ideas ahead. If your partner is up to it, have them explore where you live on their own. Draw up a list of places – the local museum, a nearby zoo, the park you frequent – and activities they might be interested in. Don’t forget to include details such as the location of each place, how to get there, and how much they will likely spend. You can also go the extra mile and plan their day, with a lunch date with you squeezed in if you can manage it. Although this date idea doesn’t involve both of you, them being more acquainted with your home will definitely make you feel closer to each other.

More Date Ideas for Couples

While the activities above are tailored especially towards people in a long-distance relationship, there are hundreds of fun, romantic and exciting date ideas for couples on the following website that you will love. It’s called and is the biggest collection of awesome activities for couples.

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