6 Long-Distance Relationship Problems + Solutions

Every relationship goes through problems and requires dedication and hard work. However, couples in a long-distance relationship have to face a lot of additional challenges. In this article, I will list the most common problems of long-distance relationships and show you how they can be fixed. Stop listening to people who say long-distance relationships never work, it’s not easy, but you can make them work. If you genuinely love someone, nothing is impossible.

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So these are six problems that most long-distance relationships face and how you can solve them:


Jealousy is a feeling that comes naturally to a person, and it’s something very normal and not always negative. It just shows that you really care for your partner. Obviously, when you’re miles apart from each other, the jealousy might start to increase and reach a phase where it becomes negative and uncontrollable. From there, the relationship is doomed to fail.

But don’t worry about it! There is nothing you can’t fix. Learn to control your jealousy, and yes, I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible! Try to put a leash on your imagination and not overthink or jump to conclusions. Remind yourself of all the ways your partner has proven trustworthy in the past and try not to have any secrets and stop snooping around!

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When you are miles away from each other, communication can sometimes lack and leave room for assumptions and misunderstanding. You might be in less contact, which will get you impatient, and you’ll start assuming things away from the truth. Miscommunications can always cause problems not only in long-distance relationships but in normal relationships too.

To fix this problem, you should not hesitate to ask your partner what he meant by _. Or to tell them that you’re confused or feeling insecure. A simple explanation over the phone will make things a lot clearer and avoiding these conversations is just going to make it worse! Also, in the modern era, it’s easier to call someone free of cost because most of the time, messages can not express what you really meant.

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A little bit of possessiveness is always normal, and it shows you care for your partner, but becoming overly possessive and clingy is always a bad sign. You always try to control your partner and freak out when they don’t answer your text or phone call in 5 minutes. You want to know where they are every minute of the day. This can badly hurt your relationship, and your partner might start wanting to distance themselves.

If you are feeling possessive, try to figure out why. Maybe sometimes it’s not even a big of a deal, and you’re just overthinking and assuming things. Try to act less controlling, it might not be that easy, but sometimes you have to do it for your loved ones! If you think your partner is smothering you, let them know and don’t try to back them off and try to explain how their behavior is making you feel and how’d you prefer to interact. Once again, as mentioned above, communication is the key!

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Not paying attention to other relationships.

I’ve seen people who are in long-distance relationships and spend all of their time and energy on their phones or computer. They became lazy and started neglecting the other friends they have. Have a strong relationship with your friends and family will make you much happier, healthier and more attractive. It will also give you the energy and support you need in bad times when your relationship might not work as well as you wish.

To fix this, check yourself when was the last time you had friends over, whether you owe someone a phone call or a message or when was the last time you went out for dinner with your friends or family? Make sure you connect with at least three people a week in addition to your partner because, in the end, everyone matters!

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The good news is that research has shown that people who are in long-distance relationships tend to cheat less, but it still happens whether if it’s a long-distance relationship or not. It’s just that lying and cheating in long-distance relationships are easier to hide, for longer.

If you suspect something, look for signs to figure out whether your partner is cheating on you or not. You’ll notice a sudden change in their behavior and communication. They’ll talk less or avoid serious talks and might be less interested in having sex. Maybe they are all of a sudden, very busy, often unreachable, and want to visit you rather than you visiting them. These are just a few things, click the link above to read all signs, but only if you suspect this could be the case. Don’t worry too much about negative stuff if there is only little chance that it’s true.

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Missing Physical Connection

Being in a long-distance relationship can always make you feel lonely at times because you are missing out on all the little things like holding hands, cuddling, kissing on the couch, and even having sex. It’s normal to crave intimacy, and it’s harder for someone who is in a long-distance relationship to keep it spicy.

For beginners, sex toys and video sex might be too much, so it’s better to start off with sexting. It could be awkward at the start, but once you get a hold of it, you can switch to video sex. You can also create a secret photo album of your partner’s saucy selfies, and if you want to go the extra mile, get these interactive long-distance sex toys and sync the device with your lover.

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Ending on a positive note when you’re in a long-distance relationship, you get to know more about your partner due to constant communication and that the relationship is more than just lust, and you eventually learn how to resolve conflicts quickly. When together, you appreciate every second.

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