Physical Touch – 15 Ideas for a Partner with this Love Language

You probably came here because you completed the 5 Love Languages Test and the result was that your partner has the primary love language is physical touch. In this article, we will explain what it’s all about and how you can make them feel loved with specific tips, date ideas and even gift ideas.

An individual with “physical touch” as their primary love language experience the emotion of love through touch. They value physical intimacy and are often not afraid to show it. If this is the case for your partner, the points below will help you to keep your relationship strong. 

5 Tips if your Partners Love Language is Physical Touch

A relationship with a “physical touch” person may be easy to maintain and nurture, but there are certain things you can do to make your connection deeper and stronger, such as the following: 

Initiate touch. 

Even if your primary love language isn’t physical touch, try to incorporate “touches” when interacting with your partner. Doing so will make them feel more connected to you and strengthen your relationship. Simple acts like the following can do wonders: 

  • hold their hand while you’re talking
  • hug and kiss them hello and goodbye
  • play with their hair
  • give them a neck rub 
  • rub their back when you walk by
  • kiss their cheek or the top of their head
  • hold their hand in public
  • put your hand on your partner’s leg

Know what works for them. 

Your partner may like to be touched in various ways, but there is that one thing – aside from the usual kiss – that makes them feel closest to you and loved the most, like a hug from behind or holding their hand tightly in public. Find out what this “special move” is, and try to do it more often. On a related note, not all touches are welcome, even if their primary love language is physical touch. Make an effort to know which moves they would rather you not do, and avoid doing them.

Be careful of how you touch others. 

Even if your partner isn’t the jealous type; being conscious of how you interact physically with other people in their presence is essential. Remember, they are more likely to interpret your relationship with others based on their love language – “physical touch”. Make them feel special by reserving that “special move” mentioned above just for them.


This is as important as initiating touch every so often. Your partner will definitely appreciate and love you even more if you reciprocate their show of affection towards you in a way they understand – that is, through touch. 

Give them feedback. 

If you’re not a “physical touch” person and are particular about personal space, you may be sending your partner the wrong signals when you don’t reciprocate or show appreciation for their “touches”. To avoid misunderstanding, tell them how and where you want to be touched, and which acts make you feel uncomfortable.

5 Date Ideas for the Love Language Physical Touch

The best dates for people with “physical touch” as their primary love language are the ones that encourage physical closeness with their partner. Here are some ideas for your next date with your significant other:

Dance together. 

This is a great idea, whether or not you and your partner are enthusiasts. You can choose to just have fun and dance the night away in a club, or go to a more intimate setting that offers slow dancing. You can also take dance lessons together. A good starting point is ballroom dancing as it is easy enough to learn and encourages physical intimacy.

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Have fun with Couple Challenges. 

There are easy, fun, and intimate games that you can do with your partner. Take the “Touch My Body” challenge, for instance: blindfold your partner, take their hand and place it anywhere on your body, and have them guess which part they’re touching. You can switch roles at any point and up the sexy factor if you wish. Another is “Blindfold Kissing”: while both being blindfolded, touch a part of each other’s body using just a finger, then take a guess. If you’re correct, you may kiss that part. This is more intimate than the first and can lead to a very intimate date. 

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Give your partner a sensual massage. 

Make sure you set the mood first – think aromatic candles and calming music in a dimly-lit room. As for the massage itself, here’s a quick guide: Pour a little massage oil onto your hands and rub them together to warm them up. Start slowly and with light touches, then apply more pressure once they are relaxed. Make sure you massage their whole body. 

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Go swimming. 

Depending on where you do this, swimming can be a very sensual experience. If you have access to a private pool, you can spice things up by being physically intimate while in the water. Nighttime swimming at a secluded beach can also afford you some privacy so that you can touch each other intimately. 

Romantic Night with Sex Games. 

Add a twist to your usual dinner date by capping the night with games that will get you in the mood for love. With a little imagination, you can turn virtually any game into a form of foreplay – hide and seek, treasure hunting, even playful wrestling! Of course, you can also use your sex toys on each other and combine them with sex board games. The key here is to be physical with each other. All the moving, teasing and playful banter will have both of you in the mood for lovemaking in no time.

5 Gift Ideas for Love Language Physical Touch

Gift-giving need not be difficult. Check out some of the ideas below for the next time you want to give your partner something special.

Couple’s Massage Course

A massage is one of the most physically intimate, non-sexual activities a couple can do, so learning how to do it properly is a great gift that will benefit both you and your partner. Look for a wellness center that offers private classes in their establishment or even in your home. You can also go the online route: there are many couple’s massage online courses that you can take with your partner at home. 

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Foreplay Board Games

Naughty card and board games will not only spice things up in the bedroom, but also have your partner feeling the love from you in an intimate, yet playful, way. A classic sex board game is Monogamy, which is like Monopoly, but with cards, with intimate questions, you can ask, as well as ones that will have the both of you doing “sexual favors”. Another is XXXopoly, which follows the same format as Monogamy. You can also look beyond board games and go for sex card games like Sex Stack and Go F*ck, or the traditional sex dice sets.

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Spa-Themed Gifts

Give your partner the gift of pampering with a gift basket filled with spa-related products. For this to work, though, you need to give them the full experience – that is, you should be the one applying the products on them. Some of the things you can include are bath gels, body scrubs, oils, and lotions.


The Best Massage Ever

Give your partner a sensual massage experience. There are many stores and online shops where you can purchase – and even customize – a massage-themed gift basket. A basic set usually includes massage oils, massagers, and candles, but you can also add other items like bath gels and lotions to be used after the massage, as well as fun implements like feathers that you can use during the session.


“Sense of Touch” Gift Basket

A popular gift idea is a “five senses” basket, where you include an item or items for each of the five senses. For your partner, create a basket filled with gifts that focus on the sense of touch. These can include a variety of things; the key is to give them something that they are going to love and use. 


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