5 Couples Massage Techniques

Apart from physical benefits such as increased blood flow, reduction in anxiety, and stimulation of the lymphatic system, it can also serve as a bonding activity for couples.

The act of giving a massage has been done for a very long time, and it’s not going to lose its importance anytime soon. A Massage is simply the manipulation of soft tissues in the body to release tension, aches, and sometimes prepare for muscle-related activities.

For couples, regular body massage sessions can work wonders for both their bodies and romance. However, you have to make sure that it is done correctly. Couples who are willing to improve their bodies and relationship should go for the appropriate massage techniques. There are techniques solely meant to alleviate inflammations, and others for soothing pains and aches from tensed muscles, also, there are numerous techniques for recreational purpose and relaxation.

You don’t have to be a professional to be able to give your partner a good, thrilling, and ‘feel-good’ couple massage. You just have to know the right massage techniques which often comes naturally, but most of all, you need to know how to create the connection between you and your partner. To do that, follow the steps below.

1. Choose the right location.

Even the best intentions can be sidelined by wrong timing and location. For a massage to feel great, you’ll need to have it done at a conducive spot or a place of comfort. Generally, couples feel very comfortable when they’re together in their bedrooms or living room. So the location does matter when it comes to body massage.

2. Create the right atmosphere.

Moods are delicate, fragile, and sometimes unpredictable. A good location creates comfort and sets the mood for your partner. Before you get your hands to work, make sure your partner’s mind is ready to accept some bodily stimulation. How? Get every distraction away from the comfort spot, fill the atmosphere with pleasant scents, chill background music, and light some candles but make sure the temperature of the comfort spot isn’t too hot! Who wants to get massaged in a room that feels like an oven? No one.
A mildly warm room is generally acceptable. You wouldn’t want too much sweat during the massage. One more thing, people tend to respond better to body stimuli when they are not starving. So, try feeding your partner with some happy fruits like bananas or grapes before you get started. All these would naturally precipitate a happy mood, but nothing gets a person into a relaxed mood better than the endearing words from a lover.

3. Get the perfect massage oil.

You can’t afford to get this part wrong. The incorrect oil would spoil the very purpose of a massage and the fun that comes with it. You need the right massage oil with the right scent. You’ll need to make sure the oil glides properly on the skin and feels good when applied. There are lots of oils and lotions for massage therapy, some have healing properties, others are more of slime than oil, so take your time and choose what’s best for the kind of massage you’re hoping to give. Regarding the scent of the oil, flowery scents are great for couples. Make sure the scent isn’t too strong; a faint scent is perfect. And do not forget your partner’s allergies! Oils come from various sources, make sure your partner isn’t allergic to the source or other properties of the oil.

4. Always start with the back

The back is the perfect starting point for a massage. For one, it’s the haven of soft muscles which are quite easy to manipulate. So have your lover lie on their belly on a soft platform. Apply some oil right from the upper part of the back and then work your way down to the other parts of the body. Follow a slow rhythm. You can work with the breathing pattern of your lover or the music in the background. Don’t just rub your hands against the flesh, target the muscles, be gentle while flexing your fingers around them. If you’re hoping to have some sexual exploration during or after the massage, communicate that intention with your body and words while the massage is ongoing. Try not to use excessive oil. It’s not entirely about the glide of the oil; what’s really needed is a soft but strong connection between your body and your partner’s muscles.

5. Use your whole body

Massage isn’t solely to be given with the fingers only, get your hands and body to work as well. Your breathing pattern matters as well too. If you breathe too heavily, it could pass the wrong signal to your partner. Taking too many deep breaths could mean distress and boredom. Remember, you need to have the whole of your body to follow the rhythm of your partner’s response to your touch at all times.

Whatever technique you’re working with, maybe kneading, percussion, tapping, rhythmic compression, or longitudinal gliding, always add some foreplay alongside each method. Communicate with your partner during every massage session. Ask to know what parts of their they want to be massaged, try out different techniques, and study your partner’s responses to each one.

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Join a Couple’s Massage Class

If you’re willing to get better at giving your partner a great massage, build a stronger level of intimacy, help your partner deal with stress, have a more intriguing sexual life and so much more, all you need to do is join an online massage class for couples and learn more on how to get it done right. You’ll be amazed at the magnitude of benefits massage therapy can bring to your love life. You don’t have to be a professional masseuse to enjoy those benefits. Just the right location, mood, oil and a pair of hands. You’re good to go!

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