Acts Of Service – 15 Ideas for a Partner with this Love Language

You made the love language test and your partner’s primary love language is acts of service? Awesome! Because in this article we are going to show you 12 examples of great ideas that will show them how much you care.

What are the Five Love Languages?

Beyond words of mouth, there are four other love languages that lovers use to communicate how they feel to their partners, and theories have it that we all have at least one. The five popular languages of love are: giving of gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch and acts of service. The truth is that we unconsciously lean more towards one love language than others, irrespective of how much we think we are balancing them.

15 Great Ideas for the Love Language Acts of Service

If you have a partner who’s love language is acts of service, then it becomes easier to show your love because they enjoy every right action. To them, action speaks louder than words when it comes to love. In case you are wondering about the best ways to please your partner, who prefers acts of service as their language, here are 10 example ideas that will mean so much to them.

5 Tips for Acts of Service

1. Pay Attention To Tiny Details

When it comes to being an expert in showing acts of service to your partner, it is often about knowing what your partner will like at a time and doing it. It is mostly the little things that are difficult to notice that they love you to do. So go beyond the actual words, “I love you.” to doing what they never thought you would do.

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2. Getting Them A Treat

As simple as picking up your partner’s favorite snack for them on your way from work might seem, it can mean a lot to them. Acts of kindness don’t have to be grandiose. So, most times, it’s usually about remembering to do the littlest of things for your partner when you should do it and boom! You’d discover that you’ve hit their soft spot with just a little effort.

3. Encourage Them To Go Somewhere Interesting

Going to see something new can be the spark they need to get their day, week, or even month going. Away on a business meeting? No troubles, just book them a grand show when they are in their low and have them go see it alone or with their friends. This alone has often proven to help for sending bad energy away and getting the day on for good again.

4. Give Them a Day Off

As insignificant as it may seem, giving your partner a day off might be all they need to reignite the spark again. By giving your partner a day off from the usual day-to-day annoyances they know you for, you give them a chance to focus on one or more other things they find fulfilling, and this will make them really appreciative.

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5. Call to Checkup on Them

This is one act of kindness that never gets old. If they love you, then they will most probably want to hear you whisper those sweet nothings into their ears. Giving them a call to wish them goodnight, or to check up on how they are feeling at the moment can be the deal-breaker for getting your romance life to another level.

5 Date Ideas for Acts of Service

1. Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

It doesn’t have to be the routine acts every time. After all, routines can quickly get boring too. Try something you don’t usually do once in a while to bring the spark to your relationship. Remember like we said, that it doesn’t even have to be something too elaborate. Consider studying to know the thing they like and crave for. It could be a date night out having dinner or taking them for a movie they desire to see. What makes the difference in the act is offering to do it when they least expect.

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2. Offer A Massage To Your Partner

Need we say that your partner would love to stay around you if you can offer them comfort at all times? Well, imagine what it will feel like to then if you offer to give them a whole-body massage, or even as small as a shoulder rub after a heck of a day. Yes, this may still be classified under the physical touch love language, but helping to rub the day’s stress away is certainly an act of service that they will love and cherish. It will even help to foster intimacy between you and your partner.

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3. Help Them Handle A Project

You don’t even have to be the one handling everything. Just a little help here and there can bring the difference they want to get their project going in the right direction. Never neglect the opportunity to make their lives better by giving them a helping hand in a project that means a lot to them. Start around them and offer moral support, even if you don’t know how to handle the project.

4. Picnic in the Park

Thinking of date ideas for your beloved? Then think no further. A spontaneous picnic date with tasty, light meals is a sure way to ensure your partner knows how much you care and love them.

5. Learn to do things they like

For people with “acts of service” as their primary love language, actions indeed speak louder than words and what other actions can speak louder than learning to do something they like. This takes effort and determination and would be greatly appreciated. Whether ‘sit’s learning a few lines from their mother tongue or learning to paint, play football, etc. If you show interest in what they like, they are sure to appreciate it.

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5 Gift Ideas for Acts of Service

1. Get The House Cleaned

If your partner prefers acts of service as their love language, then they would most probably find the littlest things you do to them and their surroundings attractive. Rather than confessing love to them at every opportunity, try showing them love by handling chores for them. Of course, nobody likes to do chores, so relieving them of a few can mean a whole lot to them. Besides, it gives you more time to bond with them, and studies even point to the fact that partners are more probable to have sex when they share chores, so… do the maths.

2. Serve Them Breakfast on Bed

This may sound quite a cliché, but it never fails to work. Surprise your partner by waking up early enough to fix them one of their favorite meals as breakfast before they wake up. The meal doesn’t even need to be perfect, as sometimes, it is the effort and the element of surprise that makes the difference. There’s no better time to try this than now – get up, go to the kitchen and get a quick meal fixed for them, then sit back and watch the chemistry thicken.

3. Home-cooked Meal

Going out for a date is nice and necessary every now and then, but a home-cooked meal can be even better. For example, if your boyfriend has been away on a trip and is returning today, you can go over to his place and tidy up and then make him a home-cooked meal as a surprise. This is an act of service that would be greatly appreciated.

4. Event Tickets

A wonderful gift idea for your lover with this love language is getting them tickets to their favorite sports events or music concert.

5. Make a Video Montage

When it comes to gifts, people with this specific love language prefer gifts that are quite personal, like a video montage of your last vacation or a video montage of your trips. This type of gift is sure to warm their hearts.

You owe your partner happiness, comfort and care when they are around you, and these acts of kindness can help set you on the right path of giving them these. The key here, however, is knowing what appeals to your partner best and going for it.

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