Words of Affirmation – 15 Ideas for a Partner with this Love Language

You probably came here because you completed the 5 Love Languages Test and the result was that your partner has the primary love language is words of affirmation. In this article, we will explain what it’s all about and how you can make them feel loved with specific tips, date ideas and even gift ideas.

When you know your partner, you understand what makes them tick. There are so many ways in which affection can be shown. However, humans are different, and what makes one person feel genuinely loved might not elicit the same effect on another person. Your love life as a couple depends on how well you both understand and speak one and another’s love language. For those whose partner’s primary love language is words of affirmation, here are the needed tips to help you communicate your love to them.

5 Tips if your Partners Love Language is Words of Affirmation

Regularly tell your lover how much you care.

Wholesome words are like music. And like music, wholesome words are great food for the soul. Tell your partner how much you care about them as often as you can. Just as we enjoy music in different genres and melodies, words of affection shouldn’t come as a staunch routine. You can try telling your partner metaphorically how much you care, you don’t have to be outright about it all the time. On one day you can tell them verbally that you love them, on another day, you can send them a love poem.

Give great compliments.

Honest compliments are to people what seasoning is to food. In a way, they make your love life a lot less bland, cause when you say a compliment affectionately, it automatically brightens up your partner’s disposition. Every once in a while, say how proud you are to have your partner in your life, tell him how much he means to you, tell her how beautiful you think her smile, dimples, and freckles are. Get creative but be genuine.

Say all you appreciate and love about your lover.

Verbal appreciation is mostly centered on the phrase “thank you.” And “thank you” often comes after something has been given or done. However, you don’t have to wait to show appreciation only when your lover does things for you. You can thank your partner for just being in your life! Do not hesitate to appreciate the elegance of her curves. Tell him how much you love the tone of his voice! Don’t hold back, say all you appreciate and love about your lover.

Tell your partner how perfect he or she is for you.

Ever thought about being described as perfect even when your flaws are out there in the open? When you describe your partner as a perfect match and insistently tell him or her how you’d love to spend the rest of your life with them, it strengthens the bond you share and reinvigorates your partner’s love for you. It helps your partner to become a lot more real with you and to feel loved despite having flawed inclinations sometimes.


Send love quotes and memes.

Love quotes and memes are all around you. Send your lover interesting love quotes, memes, or poems that you both can relate to. Make sure each quote you get to send isn’t just about love in and of itself, find the ones that point out lovely qualities possessed by your partner. You don’t have to think up expressions all the time. Go online, find what suits your lover and send it to him or her via social media, or you could have them written on paper or printed on a card or shirt for your partner.

5 Date Ideas for the Love Language Words of Affirmation

Aside from speaking your partner’s love language, you can ‘DO’ it too. How? Explore date ideas that are perfect if your parter’s love language is words of affirmation.

Recreate your first date.

Not all first dates are great; however, first dates can be quite nostalgic for long term relationships. Recreate your first date. Get the location, the kind of clothes you both had on and the same food you ate and maybe you can even arrange the same music to be played. A setting like that would bring back memories louder than words.

Play Relationship Games.

There are several relationship games out there that get couples to talk about one another. Include that in one of your dates and explore ways to bond with them.

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Try some Couple Challenges.

Fun challenges or games are a great idea. Get your partner to engage in a “how well do you know me Challenge” and try not to give them hell if they don’t do so well, Make the best from a challenge like this and build your relationship.

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Scavenger Hunt Games

This is one relationship game with the most unpredictable possibilities. The fun part is that you and your partner get to spend time talking and performing the many intriguing game tasks with lots of opportunities to express your love. One way to do that is the use of sticky love notes to give clues about the location of an item.

Candlelight Dinner and a Romantic Movie

Do you find it hard to fix a “just the two of us” time for just you and your partner? The truth is, you don’t need an event planner to light up some candles and also fix a tasty dinner for you. Romance is that simple! Get some candlelights in a mildly dark room, set a nice meal for dinner, genuinely show interests in your partner’s welfare all through dinner, and fix in a romantic movie after dinner. A date made for just your lover can be that simple and also very memorable.

5 Gift Ideas for Words of Affirmation Love Language

Knowing your partner’s love language and using it in the form of gifts to show them how much you love them is a great way to improve your relationship. Try it out today.

Love Letter

This is on top of the list because Love Letters serve as the perfect gift for someone with the Words of Affirmation love language. A love letter needs to be customized and personalized to your significant other. You can’t just pick something you read off the internet and email it to them. The reason why Love Letters are effective is because of the time and effort they require. Therefore, grab a pen and start jotting down your thoughts for your special someone. An added tip would be to spray your daily wear perfume on to the letter so they can feel you’re next to them whilst they’re reading it.

Book of love quotes

Head into your nearest book store, and you can surely find a book filled with romantic poetry and quotes. What better way to show your S.O that you love them than a book literally filled with love quotes? Moreover, if you have the time, you can write a small book of say ten pages yourself filled with romantic quotes you find online. This will show your partner that you are willing to go the extra mile just to make them happy.

Create a playlist

Long gone are the days where we would create a mixtape for our crush and slide it into their lockers. But the effect of a personalized musical playlist still remains the same. You can easily create a special playlist just for them on Spotify or Apple Music and email it to them. As they will start listening to it, the lyrics will echo in their heart about how much you care. It will definitely give them the warm fuzzy feeling you were hoping it would.

Appreciation posts on social media

I know you might find it annoying when other couples do it but hey, if you think your significant other is worth it then go for it. An appreciation post means that you are not afraid to express your love publicly. So go ahead, find a perfect picture of them and upload it on Instagram or Facebook. It won’t definitely be a surprise if they decide to give you a little treat later in the bedroom 😉

Dirty Talk

According to leading psychologists, those whose love language is Words of Affirmation, are much more likely to enjoy dirty talk in the bedroom than others. When you express verbally how great their touch feels, it turns them on more and makes them feel much more appreciated. Some of you may be shy to try this but trust me, spicing up things in your sexual life is a surefire way of making sure your relationship grows stronger than ever.

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