Quality Time – 15 Ideas for a Partner with this Love Language

How to Keep the Love Alive with a “Quality Time” Partner

Quality over quantity – this is the most important thing you need to remember, being in a relationship with someone whose primary love language is “quality time”. Knowing the difference between being physically present and really being there for your partner is essential to maintaining your relationship. Below are five tips, five date ideas, and five gift ideas that can help you. 

5 Tips if your Partners Love Language is Quality Time

Go to bed at the same time.

After a long day, your partner probably wants nothing more than to connect with, and feel loved by, you. This is why the period before you sleep – wherein you cuddle and talk about the day’s events – is important. Also, according to research by The Gottman Institute, couples with mismatched sleeping patterns are more likely to experience conflict and drift apart because they have less quality time together. Part of maintaining your relationship is ensuring that you give your partner the time and attention they deserve. 

Be present. 

Put your phone down and make eye contact when speaking with your partner. Individuals with “quality time” as their primary language place value in the way you interact with them; if you seem uninterested and distracted, they will feel unimportant. 

Make regular date nights. 

Scheduled dates may sound boring, but they’re actually a great way to keep the fire alive in your relationship. It allows you to bond on a regular basis, which is crucial, especially to your partner. It’s also a signal of your commitment because it shows that no matter how busy you get, you will still make time for them.

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Have meaningful conversations. 

Good communication is key to a long and happy relationship. Improve in this area, and you’ll make your partner feel even more loved and valued. Start by changing the way you ask: Opt for open-ended questions instead of ones answerable by “yes” or “no”. This way, you’re able to know more about your partner because you encourage them to talk. Listening is also important. Give your partner undivided attention when in conversation with them and focus on what they are saying. Finally, speak. A conversation is two-way, and you are not connecting effectively if you don’t make an effort to share. 


Play Board Games. 

Besides having great conversations, there are other things you can do to spend quality time with your significant other, like playing board games. However, before you do this, take into account the kind of games your partner will enjoy. If they are not competitive, go for cooperative board games that will have the two of you helping each other to reach a goal. If they are, you have more options, from deck-building and area control, to combat and worker placement board games. There are also games made for couples that are fun and flirty. 

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5 Date Ideas for the Love Language Quality Time

Plan a romantic weekend away. 

Taking a short break from your busy lives is a perfect date idea, as it lets you and your partner de-stress while spending quality time together. If you don’t have a destination in mind, go somewhere, you can disconnect and enjoy nature. Choose the most comfortable accommodations within your budget, and if possible, get a room with a gorgeous view. Plan your activities, but don’t pack your day. Remember – this time is meant for you to relax and reconnect. 

Go for a picnic. 

This is a romantic yet inexpensive date idea that will surely make your partner feel the love. There are four things to consider here: location, date, food, and things to bring. Pick a spot that’s memorable or where you feel safe and comfortable. A gorgeous setting – by the beach, on top of a hill, in a garden – is a plus. Settle on a date, then check the weather as well as if events are happening in your chosen spot that day, and adjust accordingly. Bring food that’s easy to eat and which you prepared yourself for that added personal touch. Finally, make a list of essentials (like a blanket, utensils, and glasses), so you don’t forget anything on your date. 

Take a class together. 

This is one of the best ways to not only create memories but also spend time with your loved one. Learn more about each other’s hobbies, or find a class about something you’re both interested in. For a more romantic choice, go for classes that encourage physical intimacy like slow dancing and couple’s massage

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Try a new restaurant. 

Prevent your regular dates from becoming boring by becoming culinary tourists. Pick a restaurant you haven’t tried before. To make deciding where to eat more comfortably, create a list with your partner of the various cuisines you’d like to try and where to enjoy them. 

Go on a road trip. 

When done right, this can strengthen your bond as a couple because you get to know each other better. You can have an unplanned trip and go where the road and your whims take you. Follow a tried-and-tested route, or plan the trip (places to visit and rest stops) based on your and your partner’s preferences. Whichever you choose, make sure you bring the essentials – such as a first aid kit, light food, water, and spare cash, to name a few – to ensure a smooth trip. 

5 Gift Ideas for Quality Time Love Language

Board Games for Couples

You can either go for games that can be played by at least two players, or ones specifically made for couples. Here are several fun board games playable by two people that are easy to learn and take about 30 minutes to play: Jaipur, Splendor, Pandemic, and Forbidden Island. For games that are great for date nights, you can go for the classic Monogamy, or choose among the following: Lust!, Talk Flirt Dare, The Discovery Game, and Dirty Minds. 

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Conversation Starters Box

Each Conversation Starter box contains cards with questions that make for great conversation. There are numerous sets to choose from, with ones specifically for couples like the aptly named “Couples”, as well as “Date Night”. You can also go for sets with fun and interesting topics like “What Would You Do”, “Best Things Ever”, and “Destination Anywhere”. No matter which you choose, what’s certain is you’ll be able to spend quality time with your partner with these products.

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Photo Books

This is similar to a photo album, with the main difference being the pictures are printed on usually thick and glossy paper (like in coffee table books). It is a great gift for someone who values time and the memories attached to it. To create one for your partner, pick a special time or event you want to be featured, and identify the photos to be included. Choose a company that will print the photo book, follow the link below to find the best brands. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do – service providers usually have templates to choose and their own photo book creator you can use.

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Subscription Box for Couples

There are so many great options here. To narrow down your choices, consider your partner’s interests or hobbies, as well as what activities they would want to do with you while at home. You can go for a quarterly subscription box of board games, or monthly baking kits and craft projects. For a more intimate choice, there are also monthly “date night in a box” subscriptions.


Experiential Gifts

Why not give your significant other the gift of experience? Given their primary love language, they will undoubtedly appreciate it more if your gift has them spending more quality time with you. Buy tickets to a show you know they’ll like, or pay for lessons (dancing, pottery, drawing – there are so many choices!). Plus points if the experience is something new for both of you. 

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