Receiving Gifts – 15 Ideas for a Partner with this Love Language

You probably came here because you completed the 5 Love Languages Test and the result was that your partner has the primary love language receiving gifts. In this article, we will explain what it’s all about and how you can make them feel loved with specific tips, date ideas and even gift ideas.

Understanding your partner is essential in maintaining your relationship. This also means that you know their primary love language and to use this knowledge to connect with them on a deeper level. If your partner has “receiving gifts” as their primary love language, they communicate their love through gift-giving. Their measure of how much they are valued depends on what they receive from you. Let the points below serve as a guide on how you can strengthen your bond with your loved one. 

5 Tips if your Partners Love Language is Receiving Gifts

Understand their Love Language

You partner is not materialistic or shallow. Although they love to have and give visual reminders of your feelings for each other, this doesn’t mean they place the most importance on the gifts themselves. It is the sentiment, the thought behind the gift that matters. On a related note, their idea of “gifts” is not limited to material things. These can be experiences, particularly ones that involve creating memories with you. 

Remember Important Dates

Forgetting special occasions – and coming up with a gift that was thought of and bought at the last possible moment – is bad enough. But for people with “receiving gifts” as their primary love language, the effect is even worse. They will feel unappreciated and may look at the act as a sign that their partner is not fully committed to the relationship. Thus, it is crucial that you take note of special dates and plan your gift ahead of time. 

Come up with Thoughtful Surprises

A surprise speaks volumes about how you feel for your partner, and they will certainly notice it. Unlike gifts attached to special occasions, surprises are not done out of a sense of obligation. Instead, they come from a place of thoughtfulness and attentiveness to what your partner wants and needs. As such, make an effort to surprise your significant other every so often. Bring them their favorite lunch to the office, or buy them that game they’ve been talking about for months. Remember that it’s the thought behind the act that counts, and not the cost of the gift.

Be careful with their Belongings

Your partner likely has a collection of items you consider unnecessary or a shelf filled with things that may seem unworthy of being kept. This is normal for individuals whose love language is gift-giving. You can be sure that each one of those has meaning – tied to a person or a memory they always want to remember. That said, handle their personal belongings with care and respect. 

Give them Meaningful Gifts

The visible representations of your love should be unique and personal. A great example would be jewelry engraved with something that holds a lot of meaning for them like your pet names for each other, or important dates in your relationship.

5 Date Ideas for the Love Language Receiving Gifts

Shop Things for Your Home

This idea may not seem like a date, but it is a great idea for someone like you who is in a relationship with a “gift-giving” person. It’s not the shopping that’s important them; rather it’s the time you’ll spend together as well as the act of filling your home with things you both chose. 

Paint something and give it to each other

The two of you don’t have to be artists for this to work, because what matters more than your artwork is the time and effort spent to make it. There are two options here: you can purchase art kits and have your date at home, or go to a place that offers quick art lessons. 

Plan an Epic Romantic Getaway

This date idea will take a lot of time, effort and undoubtedly cost you much more than an ordinary date would but the result is worth it. You will not only be able to relax and spend time with your partner but also make them feel loved and appreciated. For a hassle-free vacation, make sure that you do your research on the place you want to visit and create an itinerary. Do not fill your days with activities lest you want to end up exhausted; make sure you have time to relax. Book your flights and accommodations in advance, and remember that the best option isn’t always the cheapest. 

Go to a Concert 

This is an excellent date idea because it’s a one-of-a-kind shared experience – making it the kind of “gift” that your partner will surely appreciate and never forget. Aside from this, a concert is also a fun alternative to the usual dinner or movie date. 

Get Matching Tattoos

This is a big step, so do this only if both of you are in the same place in your relationship, and you’re comfortable with it. If it’s a yes for both points, decide together what and where you would like to get tattooed. Most couples prefer simple and discreet matching tattoos. Each one is bearing either half of an image or symbol, such as a heart or the yin-yang. Or you choose complementary symbols, like the moon and the sun, or a lock and key. If you are not 100% sure about this, start by wearing these symbols as matching jewelry to see if you are still into this idea one year from now.

5 Gift Ideas for Receiving Gifts Love Language

Exploding Gift Box

When closed, this gift looks like an ordinary box with a lid. But when opened, it “explodes”. The sides fall down, revealing layers of paper nested into each other, with the central area usually containing a smaller, regular box to hold an item. You can add photos or letters to the layers, and place a meaningful gift in the box. There are blank exploding gift boxes you can purchase online, but you can also easily make one yourself. What’s great about this idea is it’s an unexpected, unique, and highly personalized gift that will surely be appreciated by your partner. 

Engraved Jewelry

A gorgeous piece of jewelry is already an impressive gift. However, if you really want your significant other to know how much you love them, go a step further and have your gift personalized with an engraving. Here are a few ideas: 

Matching Jewelry

There’s no better visual representation of your love for each other than matching couple jewelry. That’s what makes it the perfect gift for your significant other. There are so many designs to choose from, like the classic matching rings, couple bracelets bearing each other’s names, and interlocking necklaces. You can also make it unique and more personal by adding a customized engraving.

Love Book with Photos

This is similar to a photo book in appearance, but it contains more than just pictures. The most popular type of love book tells the couple’s story, complete with photos or illustrations. You can do this, or go a different route, such as a list of reasons you love your partner. Or a story of your trips together, completed with photographs. Once you have settled on the content, choose a company that makes Photo Love Books, use their program to create your love book, and wait for the finished product. 

Couple Rings

A classic choice to show your love for your partner, couple rings have come a long way from just being matching metallic bands for both of you. Nowadays, you have so many options – from the materials to be used to the design of the rings itself – that you can pretty much bring to life whatever idea you have. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the classic gold, platinum, and silver couple rings, but if you want a unique gift, consider matching couple rings with personalized engravings

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